Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator of the Heavens and the Earth even the whole Universe and all that in it is, thus say I unto the Nations of the Earth even to the whole of this present civilization that all the Nations have I weighed in the balances of My Just Judgement and all I have thus far found are wanting in that I have not found upon the face of the Earth not one righteous Nation no not one including the Land and the Nation of My people Israel which yet refuses to obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and to keep Holy Covenant thus as I said I would do unto the unrighteous Nations of the Earth so have I done thus far Judged and punished various Nation for their sins and crimes of great wickedness, immorality and corruption and for their sins of commission and sins of omission especial in as far as the Syrian conflict was and still is concerned where the innocent men women and children are suffering the horrors of war through no fault of their own at the hands of their aggressors as is also the situation in Yemen were the powerful Nations of that region are terrorising the civilian population of that Nation and also Myanmar where yet the Nations of the Earth are doing little or nothing to aid those that have fled that Nation and are now living in abject squalor in refugee camps on the border of a Nation that can little afore to help them but does so to the shame of the western Nation thus for the sins of the western Nations even the sins and crimes of omission and the neglect of the Nations to meet there God give responsibility towards all of their fellow human beings I shall escalate the punishment of those Nations that could have resolved the situation in the war ridden and poverty stricken regions either by applying pressure on the Nations involved or by direct intervention and especially by the UN which at the moment is not as it was a peacemaker betwixt warring Nations intervening in civil wars and with the help of various member Nations alleviating the suffering of many civilians not only in refugee camps but in the poverty stricken Nations of the Earth. Thus I have eased on punishing the Nations thus far by those disasters I caused to strike the Nations I have struck of the west in the hope on My part for the Nations of the west to repent of their sins of omission and take positive action to resolve the conflicts affecting the civilian populations suffering therefrom and to take action in alleviating the suffering of the refuges in the refugee camps the world over and those in poverty stricken and war torn countries especially in as far as the children are concerned that are at this moment suffering from starvation and dying in great numbers that need not to do so if the wealth Nation of the Earth supplied the resources needed to put an end to the suffering and the dying children of the Earth of which it has abundance of. Does not the unwillingness of the wealthy Nations to provided the resources necessary bespeak the sins of a selfish callous and unfeeling hard heart and uncaring western civilization which has little or no thought for those fellow human beings suffering from poverty neglect and the ravages of war only for its own luxurious standard of living it wallows in and supplies only the little help and aid it does to placate its selfish conscience comparing the standard of living the wealthy Nations enjoy with those of the poorer poverty stricken war torn Nations of the Earth there is a great gulf fixed is it little wonder that the migrant situation has arisen and shall escalate as more and more people become aware of the standard of living enjoyed by the western and the wealthy Nations of the Earth by the advancement of education and techknowledgey and communications in the poor Nations of the Earth. Thus as I have said I shall escalated the punishment of the Nations for their sins of omission and the neglect of their God given responsibility to aid those fellow human beings that are in desperate need no matter the cause, double that with which I have thus far struck the Nations. Thus shall it also be that the guilty Nations of the war crimes against innocent civilians I shall strike in wrath and anger in death and destruction and a casting down of that Nation to the very dust of the ground those Nations shall not escape the full force of My wrath and anger. But in as far as the rest of the Nations of the Earth as said I would search out the Earth to see if there be but one righteous Nation of the Face of the Earth and as I said so I repeat have I done and found no righteous Nations no not one upon the face of the Earth thus it is by My Holy Laws and Commandments if this situation remains so then all the Nations to come before Me in Judgement are and shall be condemned to suffer everlasting punishment but if any shall before Judgment then they shall be accounted in My sight righteous and Holy and shall be by Me accounted blessed and shall prosper in all they do upon the face of the Earth to the glory of My Holy Name.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

From the prophet of the Lord.

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