Thus saith the Lord God f Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the only true redeemer of mankind unto thee at this time as I said so have I done in as far as bringing all hidden things of darkness into the light that light that reveals to all that which hath been hidden until now in the corridors of the governments of the Nations even all of the iniquity great Wickedness the bribery and corruption the immorality and deception the living in the lap of luxury whilst others starved that hath existed for centuries and still exists in all the Governments of the Nations of the Earth none shall be excluded, nothing shall remain hidden all shall be revealed and none of those guilty of corruption who hold high office shall escape all shall by Me be brought into the open cast down and punished according to My Laws and Commandments. Has hath been brought out into the open the systematic abuse of children and women by those who have held high office in the religions of mankind and local Government to heights of power all aspects of the immoral abuse of women and children of corruption great wickedness and the breaking of all of My Most Holy Laws especial as concerning the children of this civilisation from the heights of the corridors of power in government to the lowly corridors of the various institutions both charitable and others even to the very street walks of towns and cities nought shall remain hidden from the most horrendous of sins and crimes committed by those in power to the so called petty sins and crimes of the streets, all shall be brought out into the open nothing indeed shall remain hidden all shall be by the light of Divine truth be Judged even according to My true and Just Judgment as is set down in My Word. But the situation in Venezuela if it is not brought under control will be a catalyst for the down fall of many if not all of the South American Nations as said a spark can cause the destruction of a great forests and the deaths of many of its inhabitants so as can this disaster in the Venezuelan Nation turn the present disaster into a catastrophe of epic proportions resulting in the deaths of millions either way if the Nations around about force the civilian population back into Venezuela many will die through lack of food and medical attention but if they are allowed to flee could easily overwhelm the economise of the surrounding Nations of which Brazil because of that possibility happening in there has order its military to patrol is borders but no matter how large the Brazilian Military is it will not stop determined desperate civilian migrants crossing neighbouring borders. The same situation arose when the Syrian civil war happened the population fled the war zone to the various border of the Nations around Syria in the Middle East but it did not stop there and resulted in a mass migration of refugees from war torn Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan to the West and to Europe but because the Nations of Europe where wealthy enough to absorb many of the refuges even so it was a drain on those Nations resources which took them in. But because many of the South American Nations are not as wealthy as the Western Nations any influx of migrants fleeing Venezuela on the scale it is could easily overwhelm their economise resulting in the collapse of the poorer South American Nations. Though I have no joy in the death of the wicked saith the Lord God of Hosts yet because of the great wickedness immorality iniquity and abuse and the neglect of the children and women of those Nations in any way shape or form by those who have or do hold office in Government and in the various religions of the South American Nations also because of the disobedience of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and the neglect of their sick disabled homeless and elderly and the treatment of their environment and the creatures of the Earth I shall punish all the Nations of South American as have thus been Judged and found guilty saith the Holy One of Israel of the crimes and sins of great wickedness immorality iniquity and corruption and shall be punished by those means as so set down in My Most Holy Laws and Commandments and especially My Moral Laws.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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