Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel at this time as said Judgment is to begin with the House of Israel and the Land of Promise and as said so shall it be it shall not turn to the left nor to the right and shall not be halted it shall continue on the path that I have thus ordained for Judgment not only of Israel but the whole of the Nations and it shall of a certainty continue on the path so ordained until it is perfectly fulfilled and there is nought upon Earth and in the Heavens and the Heaven of Heavens than stop it or halt it from coming to pass. But in as far as the cleansing of the Land of Promise as I have ordained it so to be so shall also the cleansing thereof be totally and perfectly fulfilled even according to My Will and Purposes as revealed in My Word and through My servants the prophets all of Israel shall be cleansed unto perfection of all that pollutes it from the Syrian borders to the Border of Egypt and from Lebanon and the Mediterranean sea to the borders of Jordan Israel belongs unto Me saith the Lord God of the whole of creation and to none other except to that Nation I gave it by promise even unto Abraham and his descendants forever and whom so ever seeks to take any part thereof from the House of Israel shall suffer the full fury of My Wrath and anger vengeance is Mine saith Adonai I shall indeed repay any and all who seek to rob \Israel of that which is hers by Divine right even all of it. Thus any and all who come up against Israel to force it to part with any part of the Land of Promise shall not only come up against Israel but against Me and all of the Hosts of the Heaven of Heavens even My Kingdom which will end but one way and that is the total destruction of all who do so thus it is if I AM for any Nation that none can and shall stand against that Nation but if I am against that Nation or any Nation of the Earth then that or those Nations shall not and cannot stand they shall fall down unto destruction. Thus it is I who alone who can and shall Judge Israel and punish her and none other and if she turns from her disobedience the breaking of My Holy Law and commandments and returns to keeping covenant through the Blood of the Eternal Passover Lamb I alone it is who it is that can and shall forgive redeem and bless and prosper her and none other. But as set is the destiny of the Land of promise and the children of Israel so also is set the destiny and the path of a Western Nation from which it will not nor cannot deviate one Iota from the destiny I have ordained for that Nation to reach, as I have so caused it to walk the path it hath done so until the present day for I saith the Lord God of the whole of creation shall cause it to continue on the ordained path until its destiny hath been reached thus it is that I have not done so for nought but that this Nation shall be a Nation after Mine own heart and a help meet to all of those who are and shall be of Me even to all of the children of the Living God saith the I AM THAT I AM. Look if thou doubts that it is I saith the Lord God that hath throughout thy history guided overshadowed and protected this Nation until the present day look and see from the time of the Roman Empire to this day how this Nation has survived where other mighty Nations have fell and passed into the Land of forgetfulness and the Last Great conflict when many Nations fell and this one did not but became a refuge for all the Nations that fell in that conflict how against all as thou wouldst say it odds did this Nation survive where other Nations fell this Nation this it was by My good grace and favour that I caused this Nation not only to survive and flourish and in the end gain the victory over all her enemies but for it to it to flourish on the path I have thus ordained it to walk and as its path hath been ordained so hath the present Brexit as thou would call it hath been ordained to follow one path and reach but on destiny and there is nought any can halt stop or change its direction.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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