Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and redeemer of mankind especially all of those have and shall become children of God through the true Eternal Passover Lamb even the Messiah unto thee even at this time in as far as Brexit is concerned in that there is no solution to the Irish border problem except the Backstop plan put forward and agreed on by the UK Government and the EU in its original format which would have meant essentially the UK remaining in the EU until a solution was found so that the border between Northern and Southern Ireland could remain and open border without any restrictions which also meant that the UK would not have under that plan full membership privileges yet would have to contribute membership fees and being subject to the European court of Justice and being subject to the terms and conditions of the Customs Union which in effect would have meant subject to the EU’s four freedoms. The problem with that plan under its first draft would have meant if signed and agreed on and adhere to that the UK would have remain indefinitely a member of the Customs Union therefore the EU and in effect a Brexit reversal but that plan was rejected by the EU by the imposition of a time limit on the plan of which the EU rejected outright the question must be asked why and the answer is that there is no solution whatsoever without a full implementation of the backstop solution without the time limit being imposed which leads to but one conclusion and it is that the EU knows that unless the UK stays in the EU in some way shape or form then the only border that is going to exist between the North and South of Ireland is a hard border which in effect brings in the question the motivation of the EU and the Irish Government to insist on a free and open Border when they know once the UK has left the EU that such a border could never remain in place as said afore there is no other answer to the Irish Border problem except one of two possibilities one that the UK gives up Northern Ireland which it will in no way do so and in no way guarantees a fair proactive trade deal with the EU infarct the opposite and fulfils the Irish Governments ambitions for a United Ireland since it gained independence from the UK and two the other option is that Brexit is reversed and the UK remains in the EU as a full member which cannot happen as the would mean that the Government if it tried to so would be breaking the Law here is a third option which would be a miracle in itself a miracle which could never even happen and that is that Ireland left the EU and became a member of the UK which effect would fulfil one of its ambitions a United Ireland and as Scotland is now so would the whole of Ireland be self governed.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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