Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee at this time that a similar refugee crisis is going to arise in South America that arose in the Middle East causing refugees to flee to other Nations in the region but as the Borders are closed as has one South American Nations border closed even Brazil so others will close their borders to refuges especially the poorer Nations of South America forcing the refugees from countries suffering from economic collapse and depression to flee further abroad even to the Borders of North America where they will be refused entry into North America and forced to camp along the border as happened with the Syrian Civil war refugees others though will seek as they did with Europe to force their way into the United States thus the criminal gangs will seek to take advantage of the situation by offering at a price to smuggle refugees into America. But as the situation gets worse in South America conflicts will arise between Nations and as Nation war against each other over resources so will the refugee problem escalate to such a degree that it will tear the whole of South America apart. Nations fighting Nations rebel groups seeking to over throw weakened National Governments. But it is North America that will face the greatest problem it has faced since the war of independence and its civil war, a war without weapons a war of numbers of those refugees seeking refuge in North America for that is the only way that the refugees will be stopped from entering the US. But if in the end they are stopped and they are not allowed in how will they survive they cannot go back to their own Bankrupt Nation they will not be allowed to enter the US therefore who will feed them cloth them see to their medical needs the many various charities Worldwide are at breaking point. Then if America allowed in the refugees how many millions will there be who seek refuge in America. Because saith the Lord God of the Host of heaven once the refugee migration begins from South America because of the growing economic situation there, it will be unstoppable there will not be just thousands but millions fleeing poverty starvation and conflict and if the situation can be resolved with the with international help and aid who will deal with terrorist and rebel groups preying on innocent civilians. South America for years has been a time bomb waiting to explode has the time for the South American Nations ran out or can the Nations of the rest of the World defuse this bomb before it explodes with such catastrophic results that it will put all recent disasters by comparison into the shadows and affect the economies of many other Nations

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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