Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel even at this time that Judgment is and hath come to this Earth and to all the Nations that dwell thereon even unto Israel My Nation for as I said so shall it at this time commence first the Judging and the punishing of all the House Of Israel whether or not they dwell within the Land and Nation of Israel or dwell amongst all the Nations of the Earth who do call themselves after one of the tribes of Israel Judah from which the Name Jewish and Judaism is derived even that tribe wherein once My Name resided until all of Israel rebelled against Me broke covenant and did sin greatly resulting in the abomination which made desolate and still makes desolate sanding in My Holy Sanctuary and shall continue to do so until it is cast down and the House to My Holy Name shall be raised up in the place whereon once it stood and once again My Holy Name shall resided therein and there to bless all of Israel. Thus all of Israel were cast forth until now to wander throughout all of the Nations of the Earth until they were once again allowed By Me saith the Lord God to return and to repossess the Land of Promise that Land I promised to Abraham and his descendants forever but still they are a hard hearted and a rebellious people but it is soon I shall take away their hard hearts and given the hearts of flesh so that they can in spirit and truth return unto Me and shall from the heart keep covenant even that which I delivered to them by the hand of Mosher/ Moses My servant and friend and then it is that the abomination which made desolate still makes desolate My Holy sanctuary shall be cast down unto the dust of the ground to be no more and then one again My Sanctuary shall be restored and My People shall return un Me and I shall return unto them to bless prosper and protect them from all of their enemies as I have done so since their return to the promised Land but this I say as I have returned the have not return unto Me and therefore the showers of blessing been withheld and have not descended upon them from the Heaven of heavens and My Throne but as said I shall do once they return unto Me and I to them and they become one with Me through the blood of the Eternal Passover Lamb even the only true eternal Messiah. But this I say once My people have been Judged and have repented of their sins and crimes against Me in the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments and Keeping not My Covenant I made with them then once again I shall forgive My People and shall bless them in all that they do both physically and spiritually.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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