Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel that the major conflict that was to arise in the Middle East that I saith the Lord God warned thee of hath begun and the spark that hath ignited the conflict is the Syrian Russian backed regime. A conflict that unless halted in its infancy will tear the whole of the Middle East apart and all the Nations thereof will be unable to avoid becoming involved and as the conflict grows more and more of the international community will seek to end the conflict but will be unable to do so, but they to shall be drawn into this conflict as they were in the various Nations conflicts in that region. Thus not only the civilians of Idlib will suffer the ravages of war but all the Nations of the Middle East even all the civilians of all of the Nations in that region and once the conflict has reached its zenith it will become unstoppable and will end in rivers of blood and fields of the dead slain in battle and those civilians that shall perish in this conflict even like unto that of the valley filled with the dead of the slaughter of the Kings after which when returning there from Abraham met by Melchizedek King of Salem City of Peace later to become Jerusalem and was blessed by him. This conflict will cause all other conflicts prior to this one in this region to pale into insignificance as compare to this conflict now arising in fact the only conflicts to compare with the coming one shall be the two World wars in as far the devastation this conflict will cause but one thing must the Nations be warned of when and if it gets out of control which if allowed to continue this conflict will do so then the weapons of war to be used will also get out of control even unto the stage of the use not only of chemical weapons of which the Syrian regime was and is willing to use to gain its objectives but the next stage of weaponry even weapons of mass destruction. For two Mighty Nations are to fall and being the volatile Nature of their leaders if either one shall threaten the other to extremes as the North Korean incident revealed either one could be provoke to such an extent as to over step the mark and use those weapons of mass destruction at their disposal. But as said two mighty Nations are to fall and great shall be the fall thereof even the two most aggressive Mighty Nations upon the face of the Earth but both of these shall only fall by MY right hand which wields My Swift terrible sharp sword of My Wrath and anger that shall arise against these two and shall indeed strike them down unto the dust of the Earth for as it is with all of mankind, I say the Lord God created mankind from the dust of the ground according to the flesh and as from dust mankind hath been created unto dust all of mankind according to the flesh shall return and spiritually even what ye call thy soul I call thy person shall come before Me to be Judged.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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