Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven and the only true redeemer of mankind unto thee at this time. The Middle East now is like unto a powder keg ready to explode the fuse of which has already been lit by the spark of the Syrian Conflict which will bring about further international involvement from various humanitarian agenises and from the UK, the EU and America on humanitarian grounds but with Russia backing the Syrians in the attack on idlib and Russia’s previous record with Syrian civilians and it’s aggressive action in the Ukraine and most recently in the poisoning episodes in the UK also its annexing of the Crimea no matter what the rest of the middle eastern Nation seek to do to bring an end to the Idlib conflict which will result if allowed to traverse the course it’s on will result in a blood bath not only of the rebels of which the Syrian regime and the Russians class as terrorist and therefore legitimate targets and have in the past declared that not only are the rebels in the Syrian regimes eyes terrorist but all those even of the civilian population that are associate and or support he rebels which means the whole of the population they class as ligimate targets and therefore have no compunction but to targeting all in the Idlib region. Problems from the international community will come from mainly the US if the American Leader starts to throwing his weight around especially in as far as Russia is concerned. The first thing that must be done is for the whole of the Middle Eastern Nations to unite in seeking to pressurise the Syrian regime along with Russia to bring an end to the attack on Idlib. Which as Aleppo reveals will not stop the Syrian regimes Attack only if its allies backed down in supporting Syria would there ever be the possibility of ending the Syrian attack on Idlib. But say I this also if this its carried on to its horrendous conclusion what must be asked is what about the refuges camps on the Syrian side of Syrias borders will the Syrian Regime target them also knowing that the majority that fled the conflict dont want to return whilst the Syrian regime is still in power and then there are the Kurds which Turkey wants to remove from its border of which it cannot do without permission from Syria which if Turkey opposes the attack on Idlib will not be given. But as seen with the terrorist group the Kurds will not easily be removed from Syria. Then there is the tension between Iran and America over its Nuclear program if America gets involve in the Idlib situation of which America cannot avoid getting involved. The situation if the attack is allowed to continue and not be halted not only thousands but hundreds of thousands even over a million may perish but of a certainty it will be at least in the hundreds of thousands from both sides of this Middle Eastern Nations conflict and what it escalates into with the intervention of the international community being involved. Thus saith the Lord God the Holy One of Israel unto thee if this powder keg of the Middle East is allowed to explode which could have been avoided if the Nation of the Middle East had United Against Syria and the rebels forcing them to stop fighting and avoided the whole region being caught up in an unstoppable conflict even a Battle field not only of Middle Eastern Nations but of international Nations also then it is that My wrath and anger shall descend upon all the Middle Eastern Nations and upon those Nations of the international Community which could along with the Nations in that region forced Syria to halt its attack but instead committed both the sins of omission and of commission and the devastation of the disasters that I shall cause to descend upon those Nations shall seem like a a raging sea to calm pond. Not one Nation in that region and of the international community that could have by stopping the attack on Idlib saved thousands even of hundreds of thousands of lives shall escape My wrath and anger descending upon them but not only this I shall take away peace as thou didst take away the possibility of peace in the Middle East by the stopping the Syrian conflict. Thus also say I to all of those if peace have been accomplished who partook would of a surety had My blessings and the blessings of heaven like summer rain descending upon them even showers of blessing the blessings of peace and prosperity to the whole of the Middle East. As said in My Word blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of the Living God and as it is written so shall it come to pass.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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