Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of Host of Heaven unto thee indeed I have trod the winepress of the grapes of wrath alone and have prepare the wine to be poured into the cup of My wrath and anger even unto overflowing for all the wicked immoral disobedient law breaking unbelieving Nations to drink down unto the dregs thereof of which all the Nations shall drink and none shall be able to or shall refuse even all the Heads of the Governments of the Nation who believe not in Me through the true and only Faith in the true eternal Passover Lamb of God and who have not been washed clean in His blood so that they when entering into Judgment are acquitted being righteous in My Sight saith the Holy One of Israel but not only the heads of government but all of those who wield true power in any of the Nations of the Earth. For the true rulers of Russia are those in the Kremlin and in Iran the revolutionary Guard in Syria the Syrian regime in Britain the cabinet and the back benchers in America the Pentagon the Senate and congress not the President whose powers given are to give the impression that he runs the government and not vice versa but in reality as it was in Rome so is it still now the true power of any Government is its military no Government can govern without the support and backing of its military they are so to speak the power behind the thrones of the Nations of the Earths governments. Yea indeed as the Nations have their military so have I Mine but with Me the difference is that I need not the support of My Military it is they who need and have My everlasting support but with or without them I still rule the whole of creation they I need to do My Biding and fight against all the enemies of the Heaven of Heavens upon the Earth the main difference between the Heavenly Hosts and mankind’s military is that they perish not as do earthly military they cannot die therefore invincible of which are only called to serve in extreme circumstances the myths of heavenly battles where the combatants of the heavenly host perish or can be killed are that myths and not reality for the heavenly hosts are not as mankind of flesh and blood but are spiritual and heavenly beings that are also what ye call guardian angels who watch over and protect all of My Children throughout the Earth even all of those who are born not of flesh and blood, but of the Holy Spirit/Roach Hakodesh through the Faith given in the Only True Messiah. Thus therefore it is the military that will suffer in the end if they be wicked corrupt immoral cruel and without mercy and who terrorise and persecute they whom it is their duty protect and watch over keep from all harm that shall suffer My Ultimate Judgment. Thus also it is all of those in the governments along with their heads of Government shall be by Me Judged and if found wanting My Judgment thereof be executed upon them immediately.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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