Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation that as I so warned so have the last days have come upon all the face of the Earth the signs thereof are seen in South America and the economic disasters coming about upon that continent which thus far hath only struck two Nation which will affect all the Nations of South America but not only the economical but of the migration of those fleeing starvation seeking aid then there is also the conflict happening in the Middle East and the conflicts to come in the Middle East and then there is what ye call the Natural disasters happening World Wide those that have come and gone the recent disaster that struck Japan and those which of a certainty are follow eve storm whirlwind hurricanes tsunamis and tornadoes. That which also is to come even the end of one major what ye call fossil fuel. Thus it is that the ages of plenty are coming to an end and the beginning of the age of worldwide austerity and poverty mankind to long, especially the western and wealthy Nations of the Earth have been living of the fat of the land but now that fat will and is vanishing and leanness and poverty is replacing it. Thus say I the wealth Nations of the Earth will really come to know what the poor poverty famine plague disease ridden Nations have and are suffering for in the not to far future that will be their lot. When the major fossil fuels run out, it will create a worldwide major crisis where battles will be fought over oil supplies and other necessities once in abundance. But how will the wealthy Nations react to suddenly having little or nothing when used to having everything and every convenience at their fingertips and suddenly also be faced with economic disasters lack of oil and therefore the lack major transportation on which a wealthy Nations population relies what will be the effect. This is what is meant by My Word stating that men’s hearts failing them for fear of that which is to come upon all of the Earth but not only the end of prosperity and the coming of poverty but the of the coming upon the Earth all manner of plagues diseases and pestilence as never before seen and the famines and the droughts that will also descend upon the Nations. As I through Josephs interpretation of the pharaohs dreams warned him of the lean years to come upon the land of Egypt and I saith the Lord God of Hosts through Joseph instructed him what to do in the years of plenty to put into storage a percentage of the fruit of the Earth so though the people would have little to survive on in the lean years yet they would survive throughout the lean years and so it is over the centuries I have warned of this time now come upon the Earth but instead of preparing for these days mankind did as the prodigal son did wasted his inheritance on riotous living until he in the ended literally ended up living in a pig sty and eating their food. So as with him, so with this present generation and especially the wealth Nations of the Earth will suffer the consequences of not heeding the warning given through unbelief.

This is the Word the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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