Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob in as far as the coming negotiations on Brexit are concerned a partial Brexit is no Brexit no matter how it is presented or under what guise it is put before the public and that is exactly what the Brexit deal will be a bad deal, for unless the EU has dropped, reformed or water down its four freedoms and proposed plan put forward from the British Government if it meets even partially the fundamentals of those four freedoms is a betray of the many millions of British voters that voted to leave the EU in fact that Brexit will mean that BRITAIN WILL NOT BE LEAVING SOON OR NOT EVEN AT ALL. If the Brexit deal offered by the EU is not in agreement with or meet all of the requirements of Parliament as set down in Law and all of the British public who voted in a referendum set out at the beginning of the Brexit negotiations then all and any deals offered short of meeting those requirements should be rejected outright. But this say I that no matter what each side intends to be the outcome of the Brexit negotiations Brexit will follow as said the path that I have ordained for it to go and it will not deviate to the left nor to the right until its destination is reached and that destination is that the UK will leave the EU lock stock and barrel in that way I have ordained Britain to leave no matter what anyone says or does to the contrary Britain will become a free independent trading Nation despite the scaremongering tactics of those who fear that Brexit for Britain will be a cataclysmic disaster not because they have the welfare of the British People at heart but they fear that Brexit will affect their profit margins overheads and Bank Balances. How short sighted are these who will risk massive investments in the hope of massive returns and I say hope for as all business know any investment in even the most secure of ventures is a risky business at most yet decline to invest in one of the most secure ventures of all time especially when London is the financial hub of the World’s economy and the past successes that before the world wars made Britain great in as far as global trading is concerned yea more so should they be the ones seeking to expand their horizons not confine them to the straight jacket of the EU single market and customs union these being but two markets that are straight jacketed by their so called four freedoms and all of their rules and regulations so much so that any Nation seeking access to their markets have in some cases had to spend years in negotiating a trade deal America being but one example and the Brexit negotiations being another which if those same rules and regulations had not been in place the Brexit negotiations would have been concluded by now and if the EU had agreed on the proposals put forth by the former Prime Minister Brexit possibly would have not happened in the first place.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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