Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of all that is was and ever shall be, unto thee O mighty Nation of North Eastern Europe and of Asia I say this as I have so struck the Nations of South America so shall I strike thee in the days to come for I call saith the Lord God even the Holy One of Israel from the ends of the Earth a raging storm against thee of which there is no defence thy weapons of war in thine own eyes may be mighty and vast in number but before the raging storm I shall send against thee thy weapons of war shall be even as chaff before the summer threshing floor or as the leaves of winter blown hither and thither in the slightest breeze thou by thy great armies may intimidate other Nations and thou may against the weaponry of other Nations be able to defend thyself fending off their weapons of war but against My Weapons of war there is no defence as one Mighty Nation is about to find out. Thus say ye why strike I thee thus even because of the attacks of thy weapons of war upon the defenceless women and children of Syria. But what of that region in Syria thou art now attacking if it is laid waste and thou doth gain the victory over the rebels and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian it shall be but an empty victory if thou doth consider state of the whole of Syria and the devastation that is that Nation for in thy victory will be thy defeat for that Nation shall never recover from the ruins that are now Syria how will Syria recover when peace returns cities towns villages laid waste an economy that is in ruins the Nations population scattered abroad and the Oil wells that shall shortly by Mine own hand be caused to run dry Syria is now a Nation in ruins all of its people either refugees or poverty stricken or dead. What happens win or lose when the fighting hath ended a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions hath been cause not by the hands of peace makers of which peace could have been brought about if the Syrian regime had seen sense and stopped it happening before it started, but by the hands of war mongers the repercushions from this devastated Nation shall be felt throughout the Middle East for Years to come and then if peace is resumed what is to stop the return of the terrorist group recently defeated will say I unto that Nation will thine allies remain therein thy land to defend thee will they not seek to return to their own Nations and once gone what then but this say I as a certainty thy victory if any shall be thy defeat and of thy coming before My Judgment seat to be Judged for all of thy crimes both thee thy regime and thin allies shall all suffer at My Hand Death and destruction Wrath and anger. Thus say I the North Eastern European Nation to be struck by the raging storm I have called forth from the ends of the Earth shall be such a devastating storm that will make that struck which Japan and the hath struck and is about to strike the American continent seems in comparison like unto a summers breeze.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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