Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation creator of the Heavens and the Earth and all that dwells therein even of mankind whom I created in Mine own image from the dust of the ground to be chief of My creation to care nurture and protect the whole of My creation yet who fell short of the responsibility given as hath been proven since being cast out of Eden even unto this present day. Thus say I unto the Nations of the Earth to the civilizations and cultures that exist now upon the face of the Earth that by My rod the iron the rod of My Holy Laws and commandment shall I thence forth measure all the Nation of the Earth and if any fall short of measuring up to that rod then I shall with that Iron rod strike those Nation that fall short and do not measure up and shall smash them in pieces as doth a potter smash into pieces a vessel that comes from the fire of the kiln marred and unfit for use they shall all be smashed to pieces and cast therefore down unto the dust of the Earth they shall be no more for them their end shall be as fixed as the stars of the heavens they shall be cast down destroyed and be cast into the bottomless pit. As I have thus far stuck the Nations striking buildings and possessions and in mercy preserving the majority of the lives of those affected by the disasters I have thus far struck the Nation in the hope they would turn from their disobedience of My Holy Laws and Commandments and return unto Me but because ye of the Nations refuse to believe in the Messiah as the only true redeemer and eternal Passover lamb and be cleansed by His blood poured forth so that ye may in My sight would become Holy and righteous for without the shedding of blood as afore said there is no remission for sin/crime and through Faith obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments as I did with the Nations of the Earth ending with the downfall of Rome so shall I do so with the Nations of the Earth at this time that measure not up to the Iron Measuring rod of My Holy Laws and commandments I shall strike those Nations with whirlwind and fire with tornado and storms as never before seen upon the face of the Earth and as with the North Eastern European Nations and the Nations of Asia so shall it be with all the wicked and immoral and disobedient Nations of the Earth the storms whirlwind and fire that is to strike the Nations of the Earth will make the passed storms seem like unto a summers breeze or like unto a bonfire at festival times.
This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.
From the prophet of the Lord.

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