Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation creator of the Heavens and the Earth and all that dwells therein even of mankind whom I created in Mine own image from the dust of the ground to be chief of My creation to care nurture and protect the whole of My creation yet who fell short of the responsibility given as hath been proven since being cast out of Eden even unto this present day. Thus say I unto thee that all the Faiths of all the Nations shall be by Me measured by the Iron rod of My Most Holy Word, Law, Commandments and the only true Faith as is set down in My Word the perfectly pure and Holy yet the plain and simple Divine truth yet simply profound, especially those faiths that are declared by mankind to be the true Faith yet are in reality but the vain imaginations of the minds of mankind who know not the true Faith nor wish to know it nor believe in it. Blind Leaders of the blind and both they and those who follow after them shall both descend into Sheol and the pit forever. For there is only but one true Faith as is set down and revealed in My Word the Whole of My Word what the Nations of mankind do call old and new Testaments are yet only one true Holy Covenant the covenant of the only true divine Faith the Faith of the Promise given of a coming Messiah the promised delivered in the death and resurrection of the true and only Eternal Passover Lamb of God and the Covenant of Faith in the Messiah as the only true redeemer and saviour of Mankind of all of those who by the true and Only Faith have come to believe in the Messiah in times past and of those who now have by the only true faith come to believe in the Messiah and those who are by the only true faith going to believe in the only true Messiah in the future right until Judgment day. That true and only Faith that is in the hearts of all of those who truly believe in the Messiah IMMANUEL as the only true redeemer saviour and eternal Passover Lamb of God of every tribe people and Nation upon the face of the Earth for there is but one way any one of mankind can come before Me saith the Holy One of Israel and that is through Faith in the only true Passover lamb of God there is none other. But saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven My Kingdom upon Earth is not in buildings of wood brick or stone but in all of the hearts of all those who have been and are redeemed and are going to be redeemed by the Messiah IMMANUEL for upon Earth there is but one Lord God even I AM THAT I AM one Faith one Word wherein are all My Holy Laws and Commandments are set down and written One kingdom one revelation that doth reveal the truth Faith delivered by My servants in the past and at present and in the times to come upon the Earth and none other and but one true Holy People that belong unto Me that are not born of flesh and blood but of The Holy spirit and Divine truth/Roach Hakodesh.

This is the Word of Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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