Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the only true eternal redeemer of mankind even of those who through faith in the messiah are save from My wrath to come upon the face of the Earth at this time even upon all of those who have partaken in the murdering of innocent civilians even the Syrian regime and it allies and those also that join themselves unto the allies of the Syrian regime thus as I said I would from the ends of the earth have I called for mighty storms to strike the wicked rebellious and immoral nations of the earth even of great whirlwinds tornadoes and fire storms and so have they struck and shall strike until the punishment decreed hath been fulfilled. Thus it shall be that the fire storm that is to engulf the whole of the Middle East hath begun for the one that hath by any means sought to regain a Nation and believes his victory is in sight is unaware hath by his actions and those of his allies lit the fire storm that shall engulf the whole of Middle East did I not say the Battle field hath been made ready and awaits the combatant armies of the Nations to gather thereon and now awaits the armies not yet gathered there that shall enter that battle field and then shall the fire storm of battle rage in its intensity until there is nought remaining on the battle field of the Middle East but the remnants of the armies of the Nations of the Middle East and the Western Nations. Thus therein also doth his and his allies defeat and down fall come about even the fall of the second mighty Nation along with all the allies of that Syrian dictator that instead of negotiating peace and preserving his Nation hath by his actions destroyed not only but hath cause a multitude of his people to flee and become refugees and most of the rest hath he killed thus is the ruin of a Nation almost complete except for the coming battles yet to be fought on the battle field of the Middle East did I not say saith the Lord God that in this one’s victory shall be his defeat that his regime and their allies. They shall all fall never again to rise if the path they are on is followed unto its final destination of which they shall as that destination for these Nations hath been ordained by My Holy Will and purposes. Both they and their allies. Of which one Nation is now suffering the full force of My wrath and anger.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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