Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee saith the Lord God unto all of the Nations especially unto the EU and UK, But to correct one point that I AM THAT I AM in human terms as I created mankind in the first place in My image and as the Messiah was in the flesh the Godhead manifest bodily so am I saith the Holy One of Israel for the Messiah and I are one in Spirit and truth the eternal creator of the whole of creation without beginning or end infinite in all of My being and not confined to the limits of flesh and blood for all are the same in the Kingdoms of Heaven made in Mine image for it is that flesh and blood as so saith My Word cannot inherit My Kingdom for in the Kingdom of heaven there is neither male nor female all are as one and the same in Mine and the Messiahs image if through faith are redeemed through the death and resurrection of the Messiah and have been resurrected through His resurrection unto Eternal life in My presence saith the LORD GOD OF THE HOST OF THE HEAVENS AND THE HEAVEN OF HEAVENS EVEN MY KINGDOM. But as concerning Brexit and the negotiations and the scaremongering that is happening throughout Europe especially in the UK and as concerning the claimed catastrophic effect that Brexit is going to have on the UK’s economy all of which has arisen not at the beginning of the Brexit negotiations only when it became a certainty the UK was in fact going to leave the EU where did all these scaremongers come from all of a sudden and who is behind it, there is a simple answer however there is going to be from those who are responsible utter and total denial. But thou hast only to consider all who are seeking to stop Brexit from happening by trying to scare Britain into staying in the EU all the financial advisory organizations and companies all the companies from the business and financial sectors and the multinational companies especial the Japanese and the EU car manufacturers, In fact the origination of the scaremongering tactics used and those used to propagate it have but one recruiter that is frightened by the prospect of Brexit happening especial the no deal scenario this one wants Brexits reversal at any cost which indeed is revealed by the way the negotiation have been conducted. If Britain was not such an integral part of the EU and one of the mainstays of its economy especially with the constant opposition to some of the EU’s policies especially closer integration and opposition to a single European Military the UK’s desire to leave the EU would have had an enthusiastic response and the UK would have left the EU at the very beginning of the EU negotiations it was the same in King Henry the eighths and queen Elizabeth the first days but then persuasion and negotiations were not used to try and keep the UK in Europe but by force of arms and the Spanish Armada Europe never forgave King Henry the VIII for taking Britain out of Europe and the then Church of Rome. Contrary to the scaremongering any one with any sense only has to look at Britain’s past to know that once Britain leaves the EU it will become a prosperous Global Trading Nation a Nation to be reckoned with on the Worlds trading stage especially in as far trade commerce and financial services are concerned and also its Military which will play a more important role in World Peace Keeping. What should be asked of these scaremongers is whose back pocked are you in. But when all said and done I need not name the one for the scaremongering tactics nor the one more afraid of the UK leaving the EU than the UK is afraid of leaving which is the fears but a few and not the majority if the truth be known Britain is glad of finally becoming free from the restrictive shackles and dictatorial attitude of the EU.
This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.
from the prophet of the Lord

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