Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and redeemer even the Holy One of Israel as concerning the days now come upon the face of the Earth even the last days before Judgement day of which I have ordained and revealed in My Word the day of troubles for the whole of mankind of wars and rumours of wars of famines the great trembling of the Earth beneath the feet of the spewing of great fountains of fire from the bowels of the Earth of great storms whirlwinds hurricanes and typhoons of famine pestilence plague diseases and drought of which hath yet to come of a truth upon this wicked immoral corrupt destructive disobedient civilization yes indeed great storms hurricanes typhoons and tornadoes have I thus far struck those Nations in punishment for their great wickedness immorality corruption and iniquity as I said I would and shall bring upon all of the disobedient gain saying and rebellious peoples of the Earth especially those that have by Me been weighed in the balances of My Just Judgment shall descend plagues and famines pestilence and diseases upon man and beast upon crops and vines and trees especial and upon domestic herds and animals of which thou hast in the past had a warnings of that which is come of a surety upon all of mankind. For ages past have I warned mankind of these days to come upon the Earth but as My Word hath revealed that mankind especial at this time would ignore these warning and would carry on living as though the present civilization will last forever believe that what mankind’s scientist claimed as concerning the whole of creation its origins and age of the Earth through mankind’s scientific machinery that their theories of evolution were not just mere speculation mere theories but the truth of which mankind now almost is persuaded the theories of the scientist are not just theories but in fact the truth which in effect turns the truth of My Word into a lie as My Word so reveals this would come to pass and that the whole of mankind would be deluded into believing a lie to be the truth and the truth of My Word to be a lie but as I also said and so shall it shall come to pass that I shall make of them a laughing stock and hold them in derision and contempt by proving their words to be that which they are lies and a means of persuading mankind by believing in their theories and lies that they could erase Me from existence and prove My Word to be but the delusional prattling of deluded religious fanatics and those who seek to control the masses through religious mysticism and superstition and a fear of death and what is to come thereafter. But as I have said afore time that by believing I exist not that I would cease to exist even as the invented gods of passed civilizations have ceased to exist because those who believed in them no longer did so, so also would it be of Me not so as the last days and the approaching day of Judgment shall prove. Thus it is that I do exist independent of mankind’s belief or unbelief in Me or My Word of truth. But one word I will set forth seek down into the depths of thine own hearts if thou dare and there shalt thou find My Laws and Commandments written thereon and if thou doth find My Laws and Commandments ye shall find He who hath written them thereon but also thou shalt find the answer also of that which doth happen when thou doth pass from this life. But this I do say that by these signs that have come upon the Earth recently are the signs of the last days and the coming day of the Judgment of mankind which of a surety aproacheth even the day of reckoning.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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