Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I saith the Lord God of Jacob even He who says and it comes to pass commands and it comes into being to all the Nations of the Earth that from the South shall arise a great storm that shall strike South America even as I so struck North America so shall I strike the Southernmost Nations of South America for their great wickedness immorality and idolatry for one of My Most sacred commandment is thou shalt not make unto thy selves any graven images of any likeness of aught that is heaven above or in the Earth beneath or in the seas rivers or oceans of the Earth. Thou shalt not bow down unto them nor serve them FOR I AM THAT I AM, AM A JEALOUS GOD who shall visit the iniquity of the fathers not only upon their own heads but also on their children unto the third and fourth generation of all of those who hate and believe not in Me and shower mercy and blessings upon the multitude who do believe in and Love Me who also keep My Holy Laws and Commandments. For the breaking of this commandment and for the breaking of all of the rest of My Holy Laws and commandments as said I shall strike these Nation with a great storm the winds thereof that shall go throughout the whole of those Nations that do break My Holy Laws and commandments who repent not of their great wickedness immorality and the breaking of all of My Most sacred Holy Laws and Commandments with the winds thereof that shall cause such devastation that the Nations so struck shall know what it is to fall into the hands OF THE ONLY TRUE ETERNAL INFINITE LIVING GOD. But the breaking of this one of My most sacred and Holy Laws and commandments is not just confined to the Southern Most Nations of South America but to the whole of the Americas and it is that thus far only by storms and whirlwinds and great hurricanes have I struck the Nations of the Earth yet not all, but it is that indeed all shall feel the outpouring of My wrath and anger by these storms and hurricanes whirlwinds and tidal waves of such ferocity that many a coastal city’s towns and villages shall cease to exist from the face of the Earth many of mankind think and believe and hope that it cannot get worse than it already has done but so long as mankind doth commit all manner of wickedness immorality corruption cruelty and persecution towards their fellow human beings especially children and break all of My Most Holy and sacred Laws and commandments so shall My wrath and anger continue to strike mankind and the Nations of the Earth but say I this that thus far it hath only been by these storms hurricanes whirlwinds and fire storms have I struck the Nations of the Earth yet that which is to come upon the Nations of the Earth are great fountains of fire spewing forth from the bowels of the Earth and the moving of the Earth beneath the feet causing building to crumble and fall down to the dust of the Earth but also shall come such plagues as struck Egypt at the time of Mosher/Moses these shall not be confined to just one Nation but shall go through and devastate many Nations thus are the troubles to come upon the Earth in these last days are foretold and revealed in My Word upon all of mankind at this time in these the last days.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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