Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jcob

Thus saith the Lord God the only true redeemer of mankind creator of the heavens and the Earth unto thee at this time that the EU is using the same tactics as did the Romans when Rome sought to conquer Britain and was sent packing by the British it returned seeking not to conquer but friendship with the British tribes or so the tribes were given to believe when in fact their motives were to conquer Britain by deception by setting the tribes against each other the Romans strategy was divide and conquer for they knew if the tribes of the British Isles were United Rome would stand no chance in conquering these Islands and now the same tactics are being used by the EU and to a certain extent are working by encouraging the division between leavers and remainers which never existed after the referendum though the remainers were dissatisfied with and were against leaving the EU Britain had voted to leave and the majority of the remainers accepted with reserves the result. Since the referendum vote when the EU realised Britain was actually wanted to and going to leave the British EU politicians who wanted Britain to remain and were sympathetic to the EU cause and afraid of losing their positions and benefits if Britain left have been asked to encouraged remainers to protest and seek another referendum vote to leave or remain with the hope that another vote would result in Britain staying in the EU because of the numbers which voted to remain being such a narrow margin between Britain leaving and remaining but that is where the remainers and the EU have deluded themselves into believing the vote would be in their favour when if act the opposite would be true as the vote to leave is and was not based on whether or not Britain would be better off remaining in the EU or leaving but on Britain regaining its sovereignty on the ability of parliament to truly govern the United Kingdom and not be subject to rules and regulation of the EU government being able to pass its own Laws without any interference from the EU courts of Justice being able to trade with any Nation Brittan wanted to without being subject to EU trade laws and tariffs to able to stand on its own two feet and be as it was in the past an independent sovereign Nation not being subject to the Governments and Laws of any other Nation being in effect a subject Nation without any real say in Governing itself truly the reason for leaving of remaining in the EU seems to have been lost and replaced by trivial reasons the real reason for leaving still remain and would still bring about the same result for Britain in the EU is a subject Nation subject to Laws and Government no matter how little or how much the EU holds sway over the British Nation and people. Though if the margin had been greater as in Roman times if the tribes had been more United in defending Britain the Romans would have left Britain alone as they left Scotland and the picts alone they Knew that they could never defeat the picts to wild to aggressive and to United so they built Adrian’s wall to try to keep them out of Britannia as it was then called. The attitude of the EU government is if divide and conquer worked for the Roman it could Work again and thus far it has done so and if Britain remains divided as in Roman times once Rome had established its hold on Britain by getting the tribes to do the job for them for the next four hundred years Britain was just another conquered and subject Nation robbed by Rome of all of its natural and domestic resources. Britain once more has to again become a United Kingdom not just in name only but in heart and mind as are the Nations of Europe there are no such divisions in France Germany Italy Spain Belgium Holland ect only in this Nation is their such division that can be used against it by those who seek to subject this Nation to their will. Ever since secession of Britain from Europe the Nations of Europe one by one have sought to conquer this Nation and it being united has stood triumphant over all of its enemies is it now going to give into the EU by giving it exactly what it wants Britain to do become again a subject Nations losing its right to govern itself to make its own laws to regain its sovereignty to become once again a Nation to be reckoned with both in respect of trade and power or to become again one of the most wealthiest Nations on Earth or to be dragged down with the EU when it inevitably falls as did the Roman Empire because of its arrogance decadence great wickedness and immorality and the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments this EU is as the Mighty Nations of the Earth are to fall and shall be split asunder by the sword of My Justice place in whose hand I placed it to cast down the wicked Nations of the Earth even unto the depths of sheol.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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