Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith Lord God unto thee at this time there are only two answers to Brexit and I who from all eternity knows the end from the Beginning know the outcome of Brexit and that it as it were set in stone and cannot and shall not be altered though for Me to reveal the outcome would be contrary to My Holy Will and purpose for the UK and all that I have ordained for the future of this Nation for every part thereof is interdependent on the other and that I the only true Living God am the God of order not confusion therefore nothing must interfere in the path the Brexit negotiations must follow and the decisions that both sides will make so that the outcome of Brexit is as it should be so that all things in the end work out to the glory of My Holy Name thus what I have ordained in as far as Brexit is concerned may not be to the liking of many especially politicians on both sides of the fence never the less it is for the good and the best outcome of Brexit for the UK and the EU that will lead to a prosperous and secure future not only for the UK but also for the good of all of the children of My people throughout the Earth and for Israel itself if thou doth want to know why that will be so thou will have to search out the answer which is to be found in My Word. But say I this one political leader needs to consider the previous Prime Ministers efforts in his negotiations with the EU and the promises and agreements made that were not worth the paper they were written on and the failure of his negotiations which resulted in the referendum being called of which the EU was aware that if the negotiations failed a referendum would be called but did not believe that the British people would vote to Leave but to remain it was a shock as much to the EU as it was to the UK government of which even the Government did not believe at first that the people had voted to leave. Thus say I reformation is all well good in relation to Brexit but this I do say one sided reform cannot and will not be the answer to Brexit in the present negotiations yes reform is needed, but for it to work both sides will have to be reformed to make Brexit work to the advantage of both the EU and the UK. But like as said there is from a human perspective only going to be one of two conclusion to Brexit in or out no in-betweens no half measures the UK voted to Leave and it either stands by its decision or takes the easy way out resulting to put it in thy vernacular Britain going down the drain. The sticking point in these negotiations is the Irish Border of which there is no answer to and the EU knows and has from the beginning known it and is using it as leverage in getting its own way that is either the UK remains in the EU or loses Gibraltar and Northern Ireland if it wants a good Brexit deal from the EU. But the Irish political party though it will not say it but its actions betray its real ambition is not to share power with a Northern Irish political party using any excuse not to do so but to achieve its ultimate goal a United Ireland. This though is the road block in the Brexit negotiations the open border problem is just the EU’s way of saying that unless the UK gives up Northern Ireland there will be a no Brexit deal and if the UK agreed to effectively give up Northern Ireland by allowing it to remain in the EU that would in the end result in a United Ireland as the UK’s jurisdiction over North Ireland would end if the UK agreed to Northern Ireland remaining a part of the EU and then the EU would, though not a first start negotiate with the Irish government for Irish unity over which the UK would have no say for then the UK will have left the EU and even the Northern Irish politicians would be subject to and have to agree to any proposal put forward by the EU especially Irish unity.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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