Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Hosts of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens even My Kingdom saith the Lord God of Jacob and of Isaac and Abraham well said I that the Nations from the Columbian Border to the Northern Border of Mexico should be given the chance to repent of their Great wickedness immorality and the abuse of women and children and of the lawlessness that exists in these Nations even the breaking of all of My Most Holy Laws and Commandments especially the commandment thou shalt not kill and whomsoever doth so shall be in danger of being cast into sheol the bottomless pit forever. But My word of warning of the wrath to come upon these Nations has fallen on deaf ears and they have also blinded their eyes to My Words of warning written in My Word and hardened their hearts against Me and My word. Thus have I said to many of the Nations of the Earth that the weapons I have in My arsenal are greater than the mightiest weapon on the Earth possessed by any of the mightiest of Nations for as I have proven against My Weapons of war there is no defence and they make the weapons of mass destruction possessed by mankind seem like unto a firecracker compare to a Nuclear explosion for it is that in but an instant of time if it were My Will to do so destroy every weapon of mass destruction that mankind now possesses I could even cause the weapons of war now possessed by mankind to be made useless and cause mankind to revert back to using the basic weapons of what thou calls the middle ages swords and spears catapults bows and arrows and lances by one simple act causing all the oil wells of the Earth to run dry yea indeed some weapons such as rifles and other weapons would survive for a short time but in the end would cease to exist for it is that even thy power stations need fuel to produce electricity and water to power thy hydro electric power stations at the moment there are insufficient Nuclear powers station to supply the needs of mankind never mind the domestic and industrial transport needs thus I ask if oil was to cease to exist what would happen to this civilization and all of its technological achievements? But I say unto thee that even though My weapons thus used are Mighty and against which mankind hath no defence there are other weapons in My arsenal that are not of this Earth with which I could strike the Nations especial one messenger of doom that is prophesied in My Word to strike the Earth and to poison the fountain of waters even that which is Named Wormwood and of a surety will do so but many have asked where is it to strike obviously in a sea or an ocean but where and when the when is quite soon and the where is and has been revealed by Me. As the Earth surface is to be burned by the fire of the Sun so hath it been ordained before Judgment day for this messenger of doom to strike the Earth not only to strike one but many Nations that exist in one place wherein the fountain of waters exist and what are the fountain of waters where doth the greatest amount water evaporated from the Earth’s surface to form clouds to water the land to form streams rivers lakes and ponds so all the plants crops trees of the fields and forest be watered and the flocks herds and mankind may quench their thirst throughout all of the Earth that is the fountain of waters. Thus it is then for the Nations from the southern border of Columbia to the Northern border of Mexico those Nation shall perish and be cast down unto the depths of the Earth that have not repented of their sins and crimes against Me and My Holy Laws and Commandments in the breaking thereof and so it is that all the Nations may know that it is I the Lord God that hath brought this catastrophe upon all of those Nation and what the consequences are of provoking Me to strike in wrath and anger any Nation that doth disobey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and doth commit great wickedness immorality committing all manner of the abuse of women and children the neglect of the poor and homeless and the elderly the pollution and destruction of My creation whether it be on land or in seas and oceans or in the heavens above the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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