Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee at this time that the Faith as revealed and taught in My Word as is, is the only true Divine Faith all religions of the World are manmade the True Faith is not a manmade religion it is the Only True Divine Faith that is revealed and set down in My Word and is that Faith alone that I have commanded all of mankind to believe in and that as is set down in My Word all the Religions of the whole Earth are mankind’s creations not Mine all their doctrines theologies systems of belief their articles of Faith their interpretations are of mankind and are manmade and all of their translations if they be not WORD FOR WORD AS IN THE ORGINAL TEXT are not and cannot be of Me and therefore are false faiths and are a corruption of My Word that mankind has twisted and pervert it to use for their own advantage as did the Pharisees and Sadducees of old did for wealth power and self glory. My Word hath been by Me through the prophets and the priest and those chosen by Me to faithfully set down word for word what I commanded them so to do. All that is set down in My Word, word for word plain and simple in context needs to be translated into the common tongue of other Nations but needs no interpretation as implied by the Religious Leaders of the Worlds religions truth and especially divine truth needs no interpretation and so doth the true and only Faith what is written is written and is to be read and understood as is and it means what it says and that is what I have and do say unto thee at this time through My Word written down and translated by those chosen by Me who were faithful and true who set down as commanded My Written Word, word for word as I dictated unto them and translated it into the languages of the Earth. All the books positions in the Word should be so organized as they are so organized in the original and all the books that are not of Me and are of mankind should and have to be removed. My Word in context is one whole Covenant and not two Testaments that doth teach but one true Faith and not many Faiths as mankind has so divided it into even all of the different doctrines theologies teachings and preaching’s that do not adhere to the original. The Faith is the only True Faith and the only Faith by which any and all of mankind can be redeemed and resurrected spiritually from the dead or as thou wouldst say it born of the spirit Roach Hakodesh whom the western Nations call the Holy Spirit. All of My Holy Laws and Commandments are set down in the order I commanded them to be set down and are not to be altered in any way whatsoever and they are commanded by Me for the whole of mankind to obey and the only way they can be obeyed perfectly is through faith in THE ONLY TRUE FAITH by the shed blood of the Eternal Passover Lamb of God the Messiah as is set down in My Word and there is no other way mankind can be saved from My Wrath to come in Judgment upon all of mankind. Thus it will be when all come before Me believing that their belief in their Religious Faith taught by their Religions will save them from being Judged condemned and cast into the bottomless pit wherein is the lake of fire of everlasting torment they will find that they are sadly mistaken and have been lead astray to believe in a false manmade Faith.
This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee
From the prophet of the Lord

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