Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Now saith the Lord God unto thee soon it is that all that I o0rdained to come to pass even at this time and in this age shall be fulfilled of a certainty the troubles ordained to come shall increase astronomically as the end of days gives way to Judgment and the day of reckoning wherein all of mankind shall have to answer to Me for all of their sins transgression and the disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and commandments but especial My People Israel for their breaking of My Holy Covenant unto which I say turn ye back from all of your sins and transgressions and the breaking of My Holy Covenant with thee whilst there is still time for once the end of days is finish then they will be fixed in the Heavens and upon the Earth an end to the days of salvation and redemption and a certain awaiting of the Judgment day to befall all of mankind without exception. Throughout all of the ages past and in all of My Word have I warned mankind of these days that began after the end of the second World war and as saith My Word these days shall continue until the day of the Judging of the Nations is completed which is not long off but as said afore many are the Nations that once Judged shall descend down unto Sheol and only those out of those Nations that belong unto Me through faith in Messiah and are clothed in His righteousness shall be saved even as I so saved Lot at the destruction of the cities of the plains even Sodom and Gomorrah. But say I to the three proud and arrogant mighty Nations which believe not in Me that what hath been set down as concerning these days even though the evidence of the disasters now befalling mankind witness to the contrary that these are indeed the end of days and the day of Judgment approaches and is just as thou wouldst say it just around the corner deny that this is so and will indeed come to pass but not at this time. But in as far as the coming Judgment day is concerned the passage of time is not as mankind measure it but as I measure it giving mankind the final opportunity to turn from all of their wickedness unrighteousness corruption immorality disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments the neglect of that which I entrusted to the care of mankind in the beginning even My Creation and also the care of those of mankind by those who could even the elderly the poor the sick the lame the disabled the homeless and the orphans not only of thine own Nation but of many other Nations. Into the hands of many Nations and peoples of mankind I have place the means and the wealth to care for all of these and more who suffer deprivation and poverty not of their own making yet ye have not spent it on that which I entrusted it to thee for but as My Words says have wasted it on that which is not bread but upon thine own selfish useless projects upon thy luxurious living upon a techknowledgey that instead of being controlled by mankind is beginning to control mankind the servant is becoming the master and even as the Egyptian and Roman Empires became dependent upon their slaves that in the end they could not exist without them and therefore became weak and easy targets for all of the surrounding aggressive Nations and tribes also with this modern civilization thou only hast to see the obsessive behaviour of mankind towards modern techknowledgey to know the direction mankind is going in and where it will end when the resources run out that modern techknowledgey is dependent on. But say I this the first Nations to be Judged and to be cast down are the Mightiest Nations of the Earth because of their pride arrogance unbelief and their disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments these as said shall be the first to be Judged and to fall and then shall fall all of the wealthiest of the Nations that have not used their wealth for the good of mankind and of all of those of humanity who needed their help thus shall follow on all of those corrupt wicked immoral Nations who know not Me nor desired to know or believe in Me or the True Messiah who follow after false gods and worship idols who are not only lead astray by false religions the creations of men’s vain imaginations but also who lead others astray that they with them after Judgment are cast into the bottomless pit and sheol forever. Thus say I to all of mankind that as said of a certainty all things shall come to pass as are set down in My Word and through My servant that have been ordained at this time to come upon all of the Earth. Read I say in verification the books of Isaiah Daniel and Ezekiel and of all the writings of the followers of the only True Messiah Immanuel also look unto all that My Word reveals from first to last as concerning these days read and take heed for if thou dost not thou will only have thy selves to blame and suffer the burning regret that shall consume thy soul when being cast into the bottomless after being Judged convicted and punished by Me saith the Holy One of Israel. But as said in My Word Judgment begins at the House of God and so as it is written so hath it begun as all will be witness to the out pouring of My wrath and anger upon all of the unrepentant of My People Israel.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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