Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Hosts of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens and all of creation from the minutest to the greatest from what thy scientist call microbes to the vastness of the Galaxies of the Universe and all of the Universe and all that it contains are indeed My Creation so say I unto thee that as it is that many western Nations because of their Governments and their inherent corruption are sitting on powder kegs ready to explode of which the tinniest of sparks will light the fuse that will cause them to explode. Thus say I that those corrupt and wicked governments that heed not the voice of the people of the Nation seeking by any means to remain in government when it is obvious that their end is in sight should relinquish the reins of government to those whom the people wish to elect in their place. The problem with the UK Government that there is no party competent capable or united enough to govern this Nation as it should be Governed all the political party have either a weak leadership a divided party or a Leader that is incapable of Uniting their own party behind them never mind the Nation what is needed for the UK is a strong determined Leader who knows what they are doing and is capable of uniting both party and people behind them to make this a strong united Nation ready to stand on its own two feet after Brexit and meet all of the challenges it will have to face in the days to come a Leader in which the whole of the Nation can rely on and have confidence in to; not as previous governments have done promised and not delivered; deliver what the person they elect promises will, can and shall deliver, not a person of many words and promises and little action but a person that is all action and few words any one can spout great and fancy words and promise the Earth but have neither the means nor the intention to deliver as the saying goes power corrupts and ultimately powers corrupts ultimately only those who are of humble and contrite heart that know that to govern is not to rule but to serve the people that have entrusted them to Govern their Nation any and all true Governments are servants of the people not rulers only dictators and tyrants are rulers in the truest sense and meaning of the Word to rule is to subdue a Nations people and in the true sense of the Word to Govern is to serve all of the people of a Nation according to the mandate given by those whom they elect to Govern them. But it is as set down in My Word as concerning the Last days that Nation shall go to war against Nation Kingdom against Kingdom wars and rumours of wars and great disasters Earth Quakes in divers or many places where before they were never known to come upon the Nations of the Earth fountains of fire floods famines Tsunamis tornadoes even whirlwinds of great magnitude and catastrophic hurricanes and storms. That brother shall be against brother and sister against sister and a persons own family will be their own greatest enemy that there will be great famines and plagues even those thou doth call pandemics these are but the signs of the beginning of the last days and for many days shall these last days continue and what thou should consider is if these last days shall last for many days even months or a few years then it is that many of the hearts of mankind will fail them for fear of that which is come upon the Earth for these disasters will not diminish in ferocity as the end draws nearer but shall increase until the last days are at an end and if I had not as afore said shortened them even the hearts of Mine Elect would fail them for fear of that which is to and shall come upon the Earth and all of mankind before the end of these last days. But as said once these days have been brought to an end then shall he who is to rule the Nations with the iron rod of My Holy Laws and Commandments shall come to his place then shall there come upon the Earth a time of great peace and prosperity for all the Nations of the Earth that obey all of My Holy Laws and commandments and all those who obey not all of My Holy Laws and Commandments even all of the disobedient and unbelieving Nations shall perish and no more be seen upon the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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