Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens unto thee even at this time that any backstop solution in as far as Brexit is concerned will not work and will in effect be both a disaster for the UK and for Northern Island and onlt beneficial to the EU and as said also that these Brexit Negotiations are going to end but one way for whatever deal the EU hath offered the UK has been unacceptable to the UK and whatever deal that the UK hath put forward to the EU the EU hath rejected almost out right all of the negotiations have been but a waste of time it hath been from the beginning about the UK being either in or out of the EU not half way in or half way out either of these half way houses are but a betrayal of the public referendum vote that all of the majority of the UK voted for. The vote was for either the UK staying or Leaving the EU and thus far the present Government and that means all of the UK government and all of the political parties thus far have made a mockery out of that referendum vote. This present Government have by prolonging negotiations have divided the UK as no other Government has done in the history of the UK. When it was obvious in the negotiations that no deal was being offered by the EU trade or otherwise which was indeed self evident by the EU’s red lines and the intransigence of the EU government in sticking to its own rules and regulations in as far as the conditions of membership to the single market and the customs Union and the terms and conditions in as far as trade and finance were concerned the Negotiations should have been terminated there and then. This government by it shillay shallying over Brexit have divided this Nation in more ways than one. Thus say I to this Nations government that the harm ye have done to the unity of the United Kingdom in that Scotland wants to become totally impendent of the UK as in essence also does Wales and Northern Ireland if this government had not made a deal with the Northern Irelands political party to support it then it too under the present circumstances be following the other two and the present Government would no longer be in Government. But say I this say I also that the divisions don’t end there contrary to the EU government claims of Unity the cracks in the EU’s unity have been evident since the beginning of the Brexit negotiation by the various member Nations or states falling out with the EUs central government over their terms and conditions of membership and especially over border security and control in as far as the refugee and immigrant issue was concerned. Thus now it’s the government’s responsibility to Unite all the Nations of the UK and if it cannot then it should step down and a government should be elected by the People that can and shall unite this Kingdom for as I have said a divided Nation cannot stand and a United Nation cannot fall and as the UK under this Government is so divided that the public of the UK have little or no confidence in this Governments ability to Govern the UK as it should be governed. Thus as mI saith the Lord God there shall be but one conclusion to Brexit as thou calls it that none of those involved in the negotiations will shocked as to the actual outcome especially the EU because the only one to loses out will be the EU mainly because of its intransigence and unwillingness to compromise. The die is cast the end is set in stone and this Government if it follows the path its on will not see another term in office.
This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

form the prophet of the Lord

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