Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee the leadership of the UK’s government seems as though they are seeking to please all of those who have voted to leave the EU and those who voted to remain within the EU and that in the end they will end up pleasing no one and causing even more division both in the Government and in the whole of the Nation the question that must be asked is what is Leader of the Government true position on Brexit in the first place they were a remainer and changed their position before and after gaining office to be in favour of leaving the EU thus say I those who change sides like they have done are like leaves in the wind being blown about in every direction and in reality going getting nowhere they are fence sitters and will changes side if it is to their advantage in this case gaining a high position in government. This Nation voted to leave the EU and the Government are by implementing the backstop solution are not honouring that vote and the only end to Brexit when the deal finally comes before parliament will be rejected on both sides of the house because those who vote to remain want to remain in the EU lock stock and barrel and will tolerate no half measures and the it is the same with those who voted to Leave they want a total final Brexit and will also settle for nothing less in the end. The way the Governments is going neither side will end up getting what they want Brexit no matter what anyone says is now hanging in limbo it is in no man’s land and if the EU by insisting on the Backstop solution will end up being disappointed because their proposed deal will also by Parliament be rejected. But as said before they see in the backstop solution is an answer to their desire to keep forever the UK in the EU even if it is on the fringes but the other parties involved the Irish Government and Sinn Fein’s ambitions are for a United Ireland and seen the backstop as but a means to that end. For once the backstop is in place and there are boarders dividing Northern Ireland with the UK will they will begin to put pressure on the EU to allow what it will term as greater integration in line with EU policies with Northern Ireland whether the EU will agree with the Irish governments future proposals if not already discussed is another matter but being that as it may that is their aim and ambition for the future even Unification and they will use all and any means as hath been evidenced in the past to achieve their objective. But as said this Nation as is, is divided along all of its boarders and the blame must be placed at the present Government Leaders door step. But say I this even if the back stop is put in place Scotland will still seek independence Northern Ireland will never agree with the Governments proposals and the Welsh assemblies leader is implying if Scotland gains independence it to will seek to follow Scotland. From the start as said the Brexit vote was on only two issues stay or leave the EU not upon a lengthy Negotiation process implemented by a Government that in reality wants to be on both sides of the fence and now must decide whether it want to be on the EU’s side or upon the referendum vote outcomes side and upon that answer depends their position in government stand or fall go with the vote of the people or against it for the present governments proposal is thus far against the vote voted on by the public of the UK. There can be only one word to describe the present government if it follows its present course to its ultimate destination and that begins with a capital T.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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