Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the Holy One of Israel creator and redeemer and saviour of mankind even He who is the true Eternal Passover Lamb of God whose shed blood alone can cleanse from all sin/crime and transgression and by Faith in Him shall save those who believe from My wrath to come upon all of those of mankind who believe not and who do break saith the Lord God all of My Most Holy Laws Commandments and all of those of Israel who do break Covenant. This say I vengeance is mine saith the Lord God unto all of the Nations at this time I shall repay all of the wicked immoral and disobedient Nations of the Earth with wrath and anger death and destruction not only for their great wickedness and immorality and the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments but for the sins/crimes of commission and omission as afore warned of in as far as the conflict in Syria is concerned. For say I this unless the warring factions and the Syrian Government and their allies do cease fighting causing death and destruction upon the civilian population of Idlib then it is that I it is that shall fight against them all to destroy them and cause them to cease form the face of the Earth even by those means I have thus far struck the wicked immoral and disobedient Nations of the Earth and shall continue to strike, but more so shall I hold to account now all of the Nations of their sins/crimes of omission in that before the conflict in Syria caused so must death and destruction of the Syrian people that instead of as thou sayest it sitting on the side lines much to thy shame thou could have collectively brought it to an end saving countless lives and the cessation of the necessity of the civilian population to flee and suffer virtually the destruction of their Nation meaning all of those Nations that had the means and capability to bring it to an end before it got out of hand especially before Aleppo and in as far as the deaths of children of that Nation came to pass whose blood cries out from the ground for vengeance upon those who caused their deaths. But not only that but now the punishment that hath to be forth coming upon those Nations that committed the crime of omission would not now have been necessary of which I would rather have not had to cause to descend upon those Nations but for the committing of these crimes/sins must My Just Judgement be executed thereon as it shall upon those Nations that have committed the crimes of commission in as far as Syria is concerned. But not only shall the crimes of commission and omission committed against the civilian population of the Syria Nation in the Middle East be punished but also upon another Nation in that region for sins/crimes against a civilian population in another conflict be punished for as I shall take from it all of those resources that have brought it wealth and prosperity and shall make its cities and towns and villages empty and deserted and its people wanderers of the desert lands a tribe of nomads wanderers Nation less as they have by their action destroyed their homes and caused their children’s deaths so shall I take from them their lively hoods so that they may know what it is to fall into the hands of the living God and be Judged and punished.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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