Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the Holy One of Israel unto all of the Nations that these days are set for the rise and fall of many Nations upon the Earth the unrighteous corrupt wicked immoral Nations shall be cast down and destroyed and the righteous Nations shall rise upon on high and shall shine as the stars in the heavens. The first to fall are the Mighty Nations of the Earth whose course by Me hath been set and the order and means by which they shall fall is written as it were in stone and great shall be their fall thereof for in wickedness disobedience and immorality and corruption have they risen casting off all that is holy righteous and true casting aside all morality and belief and obedience to My Holy Word and Law sinking into the cess pit of wickedness evil corruption and all manner of immorality and unrighteousness believing the theories of the scientist to be the truth in as far as creation and the length of the time the Earth has been in existence without concrete evidence to prove their theories teaching for truth as My Word says the doctrines of mankind who shall be cast after Judgment into the deepest dark depths of the bottomless pit wherein burns the fires of regret and loneliness, even the lake of the fires of torment and anguish and the absence of peace and the water of life to quench an everlasting thirst for the water of that shall never be quench as is told of Lazarus who asked if his relative could be warned and that he asked of Me but a sip of the water of life to quench his thirst the reply given was there is a great gulf fixed betwixt the pit and the Earth and Heaven itself that non can breach. Continually over the ages have I sent My servant to warn mankind of the age to come that now is and what was the response for their warning mankind of the Last Days before Judgment and the coming of the Judgment day wherein the day of reckoning dawn upon mankind some were mocked some were persecuted and tortured some were burned at the stake other hung drawn and quartered and their parts scattered throughout the lands of the Nations they warned yet they did not fail in their duty and did earn their Just reward in My Presence at My right hand now and forever as shall all of those who are faithful and true walking in holiness righteousness and believing in the Divine truth of My Word and in Me by Faith in the true and only ETERNAL PASSOVER LAMB WHO WAS SACRIFICE UPON THE ALTAR OF GRACE(UNMERITED LOVING KINDNESS) FOR THEIR SAKES BECOMING THEIR SAVIOURE AND REDEEMER. Thus say I now it is that those Nations especially the Mighty Nations of the Earth that are destined to fall shall fall at this time and in these days and those Nations that are destined to rise in righteousness holiness and truth even divine truth shall rise and there after shall it be upon the Earth a time of peace and not war a time of prosperity and not famine a time when the weapons of war shall be abandoned a time of hope and not hopelessness of health and not sickness and disease and a time wherein in all My Holy Mountain none harm shall come upon any one that dwells thereon where all shall willingly obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and My Holy Covenant strictly and willingly adhere to.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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