Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee even at this time in as far as Brexit is concerned that no matter what agreement that the EU and the UK come to in the Brexit negotiations the only outcome is going to be a no deal Brexit not because of the EU’s redlines nor because of the UK’s redlines that each have in place but because of the veto’s of two EU Nations that shall be triggered if their demands are not met which will mean in effect that the UK will have to give up two of its territories if it wants a beneficial progressiver trade deal with the EU. Gibraltar to Spain and Northern Ireland to Southern Ireland which certainly will not happen because that would in effect be giving in to the black mail of these two Nations. As voiced by the Irish political party Sinn Fein that they will settle for nothing less than Irish Unity and the Spanish long lasting conflict with the British government over Gibraltar will not settle for anything less than Gibraltar being reunited with Spain of which it adamantly claims Gibraltar is Spain’s and not Britain’s. But the UK has in the past given Gibraltar a referendum vote upon whether or not Gibraltar’s residents wanted to remain part of the UK or become a Spainish territory and that vote was almost a hundred percent that the peoples vote was to remain British and a Gibraltar to remain British and a UK territory. But in as far as the Irish and Northern Ireland the vote in any referendum called in the past for Northern Ireland to be reunited with Southern Ireland has always been contrary to the Irish Government and political parties claims that the majority of the Northern Irish wanted the North to be reunited with the South of which was revealed when they voted in favour of remaining a part of the UK and a UK territory and if the UK government sticks to its guns it will remain a part of the UK for as long as the majority want it to. The real problem is though if and I say if the UK agreed to Northern Ireland remaining in the EU and refused to give into Spain’s demands then Spain would veto any deal between the EU and the UK and same with the Irish over Northern Ireland it would veto any agreed deal between the EU and the UK. But even if these two veto’s by the EU could be rescinded which they would not do because of the backlash that it would engender, then there is still the red lines of the UK and the EU to be considered no matter what anyone does in either the EU and the UK the only end to these Brexit Negotiation is going to be a hard no deal Brexit thus it is for any deal to be agreed on between the EU and the UK is for the two veto’s to be quashed and the redlines to be by both sides ignored and both sides be willing to compromise on all major issues in as far as these negotiations are concerned. But say I this if no agreed deal is worked out then the EU is going to suffer the most as it will threaten the very fabric of the EU as a viable union of Nations and in as far as the UK is concerned the hard border that will result in an hard no Brexit will result in the good Friday agreement becoming void and the return to the IRA troubles of the past. Thus say I both sides in these Negotiations are stuck between a rock and a hard place of their own making the UK in dragging out these Negotiation far longer than they should have been and the EU’s intransigents and unwillingness to compromise in any way shape or form of which to a certain extent also is the UK guilty of. A good beneficial progressive free trade deal made between the UK and the EU would have brought greater prosperity and unity for the EU of which now is suffering from a lack of bringing it closer and closer to the cliff edge of a disaster resulting in its falling apart at the seams but also giving the far right elements in the EU free reign and UK returning to the days of the former Northern Ireland troubles of the past.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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