Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee of the Nations of the Middle East thus far the raging fire of conflict has be confined to but a few Nations of that region though thereby causing much suffering mainly borne by the civilian population especially doth the blood of children cry out to Me from the ground for vengeance to descend upon the perpetrators responsible for their deaths and My Promise does go out Vengeance is Mine saith the Lord I shall repay the guilty for their crimes they shall not escape Justice even My Just Judgment saith the Living God redeemer and saviour of all the children of the World that are most precious in My sight shall descend upon them and these shall suffer the full fury of My wrath and anger in this life and after Judgment when consigned to the bottomless pit forever shall suffer the fires of torment as none other cast therein hath thus far suffered and those who are to suffer shall not suffer as shall they and thus shall it be for any who do harm innocent children in any way whatsoever that includes the neglect and suffering of children throughout the whole Earth by those governments and those wealth inhabitants of the Earth that could and should have and should do more to provided the means to alleviate the suffering of the poor neglected children of the Earth for of such is My Kingdom of Heaven for as the Nations shall suffer the full fury of My wrath and anger for their sins/crimes of commission and omission in as far as the conflict that has raged and is still raging in that Nation causing much suffering and death of the civilian population so shall all those who in as far as the suffering children of the World are concerned even the sins/crimes of omission neglect to help and alleviate the suffering of the children of the Earth and the sins/crimes of commission deliberately and cold heartedly causing the suffering of children and deliberately avoiding helping the suffering children of the Earth every single and multiple crime thus shall in Judgment all of those who have committed such crimes will have every one put before them of which shall required of them an answer as to why they committed such wicked crimes and then for each and every crime punishment shall after a guilty verdict is declared be listed forthwith and then shall be executed upon them forever their punishment due by been cast into the deepest depth of the Bottomless pit/ hell and into the heart of the lake of fire from which there will be no relief and no reprieve whatsoever. But as said this raging fire hath been confined but to a couple of Nations in that region but not for much longer for another conflict with one of the Nations of the Middle East is brewing and shall burst eventual into a full raging conflict that in the end will cause that Nation to fall even unto the dust of the desert and its lands shall be claimed and posses by other Nations in that region causing still more suffering for the civilian population of that region of the Middle East and as a wildfire spreads so shall this throughout all of the Middle East spread Nation against Nation Kingdom against Kingdom family against family till even many Nations therein shall be as devastated as Syria is and Iraq was and to certain extent still is.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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