Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Hosts of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens even My Kingdom as hath been so set down to come to pass over all the Earth is the day of salvation and of redemption and the spreading of My Word throughout the Earth and that day hath been fulfilled as it hath been set down an prophesied to cover the whole Earth and it is that all of mankind throughout the last two thousand years hath been given the chance of being redeemed through the blood of the true and only Eternal pass over Lamb even the Messiah Immanuel especially My People Israel thus it was that the stone that the builders rejected became the head of the corner and the means of salvation through Faith in Him whom they cruelly slew who took upon Himself the punishment for all of the sins/crimes and transgressions of all of the children of the living God past present and future throughout all of the Earth even all who did believe and do believe and shall believe through Faith personally that He did die that they may live in Heaven for all eternity for it is only a personal individual Faith that saves from the wrath now to come upon all of the Earth and His sacrifice by Me saith the Holy One of Israel was accepted and the sign of that acceptance was His resurrection from the bottomless pit even the place of everlasting death and which was witness by the rising up of all of those who had believed in the coming Messiah as their saviour and being seen by many in Jerusalem and all of Israel and the talmidim His followers who were commissioned by Him to spread the word of redemption throughout all of the Earth of which they and those who followed them faithfully did until the present day and it is now that the days of redemption and salvation hath been fulfilled as so set down and now hath come to an end and the day of wrath and anger begun as afore hath been so said and so set down even the Judging of all the Nation of the Earth and all of mankind and as the day that hath lasted two thousand years so shall not the day of wrath last as long but be not mistaken that which hath gone on before is nothing as compared to that which is to be poured out upon all of the Earth even the full fury of My Wrath and Anger and indignation as My Word hath so revealed therein as it was in the days of Noah before the flood so now are these days of mankind upon the Earth and as it was at the time of Lot with the cities of the plains so is it now and hath all of the days of mankind been fulfilled so shall the days of wrath and anger be fulfilled upon the Earth and so shall the Nations be Judged and if they be found wanting even in as far as the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandments especially My Moral Laws shall they be punished according to My Holy Laws and commandments and so shall they fall of a certainty down unto the dust of the ground even unto sheol and the bottomless pit never more to be seen or remembered upon the face of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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