Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy one of Israel as said the day of redemption is at an end and the day of wrath and anger even as was set down in My Word hath begun but to put everything in context why say I that this day is the day of wrath and anger and the day of redemption is at an end? Thus it is as I created the heavens and the Earth in six days so also there are the six days of mankind or six ages of mankind as thou wouldst say it the six ages of mankind are thus the first day or age was the fall and the casting out of mankind from the Garden of Eden and from the fall of mankind till the Noah’s flood whereby I wiped the face of the Earth of all of mankind and the beasts of the Earth except for Noah his family and the creatures of the Earth in the ark saved by pairs male and female. The second day or age was from the flood till the covenant I made with Abraham Isaac and Jacob to give unto him and his descendants forever the land of promise the third day or age was from the covenant of the promise I gave to Abraham till the Covenant of My Laws and Commandments for all of Israel to obey upon pain of death in the wilderness through Moshe/Moses and the possession of the promised land by Israel through Joshua and the fourth day or age of mankind was from the covenant and possession of the land of promise till Messiah and the Covenant made though His sacrifice upon the altar of grace for all who by Faith had did and would believe in Him as the only true sacrificial Lamb of God who was sacrificed upon the altar of Grace unmerited Loving Kindness He whose Name is Immanuel who shed His blood to cleanse them from all sin/crime and transgressions for without the shedding of blood there is no remission for the sins/crimes of breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and for original sin/crime that caused mankind’s fall from grace and that those of mankind who believed through Faith in His death and ressurection could be saved from the wrath to come upon all of mankind even at this time and to live forever and ever before My Throne in My Kingdom of the Heaven of Heavens. Thus the day of the covenant of grace unmerited loving kindness was the beginning of the fifth day and thus to the sixth day now upon all of mankind as I said so hath it come to pass and as the days of the creation of the Earth and the Heavens and all that existed therein even the creation of mankind was completed in six days so shall the days or ages of mankind be completed at the end of the sixth day or age. For as I said afore that I measured not the days or ages of creation or mankind as mankind measures days and ages for creation as set down in My Word was to simplify the whole of creation so that mankind could relate to the amount of time I took to create the Universe and all that in it is for as My Word states for example the first day as morning and evening and was thus set down to simplify the time I took to create the heavens and the Earth even all of creation as mankind when it was first set down in My Word could never have comprehended eternity and still cannot for in the beginning until the fall of mankind time existed not even all of creation could not be measured only eternity existed then and in as far as mankind was concerned creation if measured could have happened in an instant or many, many years for eternity is the forever now for in eternity past and present as mankind understands it exists not only now for if mankind could live forever would the past or future matter or exist for if mankind could live forever there would be no beginning or end only now the present. Let Me put creation in this context there was only the beginning and end of each stage of the creation in eternity everything that happened, happened now and was set down as morning and evening so that mankind could understand it in relation their existence in time.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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