Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto the Nations of the Middle East unto Israel and other Nations in that region wherein conflict shall arise that hath not been seen therein for many decades and shall not be seen thereafter even Nation against Nation Kingdom against Kingdom of which the curse of war shall devastate many cities town and villages also shall plague and famine shall strike the whole of that region and those who do Join themselves unto Me saith the Holy one of Israel and do obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments it is that shall I defend and protect them but whomsoever do turn against Me and those who join themselves unto Me to obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments I it is that shall turn against them to destroy them utterly. But it is unto two Nations of that region especially do I say turn from thy wicked disobedient and rebellious unbelieving ways one of which is called by My Name the other is one set by Me saith the Lord God of creation for a fall from the heights of prosperity and wealth unto the pit of destruction and poverty along with all of those who have allied themselves unto it either in as far as supporting it in all of its endeavours and supplying all of its weapons of war used in the destruction of the civilians of another Nation in support of a cruel and wicked government that looks upon all of the people of that Nation as but the off scouring of the Earth whose corruption that is now hidden if brought into the light will reveal the cause of the past suffering of the people of that Nation whose condemnation at Mine own hand shall see it and all of those who are joined unto it in the very near future coming before Me to be Judged condemned and cast into sheol/hells deepest depths. Thus say I unto Israel cleans the Promise Land of all that pollutes it and restore unto Me the House to My Holy Name so that once more My Name might once more reside in the land of Promise in the Holy of Holies and I do command the whole of Israel from this day forth to keep Covenant for it thou doth do this as thou returns unto Me I shall return unto thee to bless protect and prosper thee as in times past even as it was in the days of David King of Israel and his son Solomon wisest of all the Kings of the Earth past present and future. Do not and as I did punish thee in the past so shall I do now even at this time and in these days. But say I unto the other Nations of that region as said be Joined unto Me and I shall be Joined unto thee and if all the Nations do so then the Middle East shall see such peace and prosperity as it hath never seen afore time but if all refuse to do as afore said war and conflict death and destruct6ion shall be like a raging fire that shall bring down and destroy many Nations in the Middle East. But not only conflict, but plague and famine drought and disease and pestilence shall befall all the disobedient unbelieving wicked immoral Nations of that region. But for those Nations that have thus far caused the suffering and death of many civilians especially children for them there only one destination after Judgment and in their heart of hearts they know for them there is no hope only a certain waiting for My wrath and anger in Judgment to be poured out upon them upon them and to be cast in the depths of sheol and the bottomless pit.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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