Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee that the Brexit remainers by their actions are as said afore like unto spoilt children who cry scream and stamp their feet if they don’t get their own way but unlike children in as far as Brexit is concerned are seeking to overturn a legal and lawful referendum vote passed by the Democratic Government of this Nation and is it not so that all who took part in the referendum agreed to abide by the outcome no matter which way the vote went and is it not so that if one side on the outcome of the vote disagreed with that referendum vote they agree to abide by are by their actions seeking to overturn a democratic referendum result and thus putting democracy in this country in danger of being overthrown and by their protest are creating an environment of conflict. When I say that protest and rallies when peaceful and democratic in nature having legitimate grievances that need voicing then they will never create an environment that results in conflict or rioting. But when protests grow in the number of the public taking part on both sides sooner or later as past conflicts bear witness clash and at first can be separated and persuaded to calm down and act in a reasonable and sensible manner but as the protest increase and no action being taken to remedy what they are protesting about the protesters get frustrated and angry that no one in authority is listen to or seeking to address their grievances aggression creeps in and when meeting an opposing protest as in as far as those who voted to leave who have until now remain calm and who would have accepted the referendum vote if it had gone the other way without so much as a murmur start to protest against remaining in the EU if a proposal by the EU and the UK of a backstop that could see the UK staying in the EU permanently is agreed on. But what has to be considered is who is real behind the remainer political provocateurs seeking to created an atmosphere of conflict where there was none who is employing these rebel rousers to stir up the remainer public and which Nation or Union of Nation is going to suffer and loose out when Brexit happens and is seeking by any and all means to keep Britain in the EU who are they who are seeking to lead the remainers down the garden path to the compost heap. What those who are seeking to get this Nation to remain within the EU don’t realise or see is that by their action are doing more harm than good to the EU and even if the UK did remain within the EU as other republics Empires and Union of Nations have come to a, as thou wouldst say it a sticky end so also will the EU and the cracks disunity and division and dissatisfaction with the EU are already appearing and will continue to grow no matter how the EU seek to gloss them over with its claims of Unity between the twenty seven Nations all Empires all Republics all Unions of Nations sooner or later fall the problem is not that they fall down unto destruction but which Nation they take with them.

This the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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