Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation even Adonai Elohim Elohei-Tzva’hot unto to thee at this time as I have said so hath it been done and so shall it be done that all the hidden things of darkness shall be brought out into the light even the light of truth divine truth and so shall it be in as far as the acts of a Middle Eastern Kingdom or State all of its hidden sins/crimes and transgressions shall be revealed and brought out into the light especially all of its crimes against other Middle Eastern Nations thus have I saith the Lord God of the Hosts of heaven weighed in the balances of My Just Judgment this Nation even by all of My Holy Laws and Commandments by which I do and shall Judge all of the Nations Kingdoms and States of mankind and as another Nation in that region is about to fall even all of its Regime and its allies so shall this one fall and great shall be the fall thereof as so shall all that have allied themselves unto it even of the Mighty and the wealthy Nations of the Earth that have and are going to profit from trading with this one not only in goods and services but in the supplying of that which hath caused so much suffering to the civilian population of another Nation in that region. Thus have I in past times warned this one of the consequences of its actions and the arrogance of the Government of that Nation whose ears were deafened and eyes blinded by their hardened hearts to the warnings given and now thus it is as afore said so shall it come to pass upon this Nation, Kingdom or state as shall the fullness of My wrath and anger descend upon it and others in that region that have committed similar crimes again defenceless civilians especially children they shall not escape the outpouring of My Wrath and anger upon them for not only shall the crimes of commission and omission committed against the civilian population of the Syria Nation in the Middle East be punished but also upon another Nation in that region for sins/crimes against a civilian population in another conflict be punished for I shall take from it all of those resources that have brought it wealth and prosperity and shall make its cities and towns and villages empty and deserted and its people wanderers of the desert lands a tribe of nomads wanderers Nation less as they have by their action destroyed the civilian population of another Nations homes and towns and villages and caused their defenceless men women and children’s deaths so shall I take from them their lively hoods and I shall cause to descend upon their land plagues and famines and pestilence even disease and drought so that they may know what it is to fall into the hands of the living God and be Judged and punished.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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