Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac anf Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even Adonai Tzva’ot unto thee as afore said concerning the Americas even the masses of migrants that are now flooding towards North America this is but the beginning of troubles for that region for as the Nations Governments of South America are weighed in the balances of My Just Judgement and cast down unto the dust of the Earth for their wicked corrupt evil ways causing their people to suffer great poverty and cruelty so shall the financial state of those Nations collapse causing mass migration on an unprecedented scale all fleeing towards the wealthy Nations of the North America and Europe to escape poverty starvation and disease. Thus say I it is that no matter what the North American, Mexican and European Governments do to seek to stop halt and turn these migrants and refugees back they will not succeed the conditions that are to cause the fall of a mighty arrogant and selfish corrupt governments and Nations have and are coming to pass and nothing whatsoever will alter all that is to come to pass in as far as the Americas and even Europe are concerned. If the Western Nations had invested in helping the poverty stricken Nations of the Earth out of their poverty instead of keeping their wealth to themselves living in the lap of selfish luxury of which even the poorest of the Western Nations standard of living is far above that of the poor Nations of the Earth it is only the homeless the elderly the orphans the sick and the disabled that are the sufferers of Western society. Look at the billions wasted upon useless projects of research and devilment such as space exploration the scientist archaeological and other search for knowledge especial on how creation began and how old the Earth is yea indeed medical research is a worthy cause but not enough is invested in such research as it could be but those billions spent do they feed anyone do they help anyone to have a better standard of living as said if the billions that have been wasted had been used to help poverty stricken Nations then that which has and is and shall come to pass in as far as the present migratory conditions are concerned what is now happening would not be happening. The two major causes of the refugee and migrant movement is war and poverty caused either by corrupt governments or cruel dictators creating conditions in their Nations for the people of that Nations to rebel for a cruel dictatorial Government can only go so far before the people rebel especially when they see they the peaceful prosperity of democratic Nations. But the prosperity of the Western Democracies is that which has and is galvanising the people of poverty stricken Nations with corrupt Governments either to rebel or to seek a better standard of living in western Nations and as more and more begin to seek that better life the harder it becomes to stop them and the hard it becomes to stop them sooner or later the masses of migrants will begin to overwhelm the wealthy Nations of the Western Nations which will inevitably lead to a crisis situation either causing conflict between migrants and the people of western Nations or dragging down into poverty by the mere overwhelming mass of migrants flooding into the Western Nations the west by refusing to aid poverty stricken Nations as they should have done, out of their poverty by diverting billions from projects that don’t feed or help anyone only satisfy the scientific communities curiosity or experimentation. The Western Nations by their own selfish greed and pre-occupation in creating a standard of living the envy of the World have by their action become their own worst enemy and what said I to those who give selflessly to help and aid those who are in desperate need of help that it shall be returned unto them ten times tenfold in prosperity in peace not only on a National level but in the hearts of all those who do so for those who help other by Me shall be blessed beyond measure.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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