Thus saith the Lord God Of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel true Living God and creator of mankind the Universe and all that in it is thus say I unto thee as the stars of the Heavens are set in their course and the Earth in its orbit and the Sun in its place in the heavens so is it with that which thou doth call Brexit even the leaving of Britain from the bondage of the EU is set in its course to reach the destination which I saith the Lord God hath ordained it to reach of which cannot and will not be altered of which many both in the EU and the UK have sought with great effort to change but will not nor cannot change no matter how they seek to do so and will suffer great frustration when their efforts come to nought as said in My Word all things work together for good and so it is in this instance that I have ordained all things to work together for the good of this Nation and this people and better it would have been if so many in this Nation had not sought to go against My will and purposes as said in My Word that I said to Saul is it hard for thee to kick against the prick of thy conscience so have these done to their own hurt and frustration and had they accepted My Will and purpose as concerning the Brexit Negotiation these negotiations would not have drag out as long as they have done so for as I said in the beginning obedience to My Holy Will and Law and Commandments and the acceptance of that which I had ordained to come to pass for this Nation would bring prosperity and cause this Nation to become one of the major global trading Nations of the Earth and disobedience would bring about the fall of this Nation into poverty and depression and would lose the respect of many of the World’s major trading Nations and this Nation would no longer retain its position as the fifth wealthiest Nation on Earth. Thus as said as I have ordained the course and the destination of this Nation for the good of this Nation and its people and so shall it be. But it is also for mankind’s point of view that many in thy Nation are beginning to see what that inevitable end of the Brexit Negotiations will be. Look unto thy Leader and the way negotiations have been conducted and the way they have dragged out a strong determined Leader as was the former Prime minister who promised that if he didn’t get from the EU a beneficial deal that he would call a referendum which he did and if he had continued in office the UK by now would have left the EU what has to be considered is how long did it take for the previous Prime Minister to realise that he getting nowhere with the EU and the present one who has not yet realised they will get to nowhere with the EU unless it gets what it wants in as far as Brexit is concerned no matter the proposals the present Prime Minister puts to the EU and the deals offered by the EU as with the former Prime Minister will not be worth the paper they will be written on. Thus the conclusion is as said that if the former Prime Minister had continued in office the UK by now would have left the EU. He realised within a short period of time he was getting nowhere with the EU in getting a good deal and border security reforms for the UK and so has this Prime Minister to realise as it was with the former so also it is that the situation is now as it was then.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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