Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

The wicked evil corrupt and immoral disobedient Governments of the Nations of the Earth that are weaving webs of deception in the end will deceive no one but they themselves who have been deceived by the deceiver even the father of lies through unbelief in Me saith the Lord God into believing the lie that I exist not and that this is not the day when all of their hidden corrupt and evil ways and practices are to be brought out into the light of truth when they are by Me saith the Lord God of the Whole of creation are to be Judged even at this time which will lead by Mine own hand to their being punished by Me in wrath and anger causing them to fall down even unto the dust of the ground yea even to be banished by Me unto sheol and the bottomless pit forever for now it is the time when all the Nations of the Earth are to be brought before Me to be Judged. First the governments of the Nation’s and then their people, first the most wicked evil immoral disobedient corrupt and unrighteous Nations even all of those that follow after false gods and messiahs and bow down to idols of wood stone plastic and metal crafted by their own hands not only the past and ancient idols but the modern ones that are now enslaving mankind and the Nations even the Idols of wealth and power and modern techknowledgey which makes of mankind willing slaves breaking one of My Most Holy Commandments as concerning idolatry and the worshiping of idols false gods and messiahs which in the end deceives the deceivers. Even by My Most Holy Law shall all be judged and condemned from which none who doth practice the breaking thereof shall never escape the punishment of My Just Judgment and being punished as I did Israel in the wilderness when Mosher/Moses went up to receive by Mine own Hand My Holy Laws and Commandments even the Covenant that with Israel I made after punishing Israel’s idolatry by casting into the bottomless pit all of those who did willingly fall down and worship that Idol even the golden calf such from that day until now hath My anger not risen in such fury as is was then so is it now arisen and as I did punished Israel at that time so shall I punish Israel now along with all who break this one of My Most Holy Laws and commandments. of which I set down herein to remind all the inhabitants of the Earth so that none maybe ignorant of and use as an excuse that they knew not of it when they come before Me to be Judged and it is THOU SHALT NOT MAKE UNTO THYSELVES ANY GRAVEN IMAGE OR THE LIKENESS OF ANYTHING THAT IS IN THE HEAVENS ABOVE OR THE EARTH BENEATH OR THAT IS IN THE WATERS OF THE SEAS OR OCEANS OR THE WATERS UNDER THE EARTH THOU SHALT NOT BOW DOWN UNTO THEM FOR I THE LORD THY GOD AM A JEALOUS GOD VISITING THE INQUITY OF THE FATHERS UPON THEIR CHILDREN UNTO THE THIRD AND FOURTH GENERATION. Thus it is that by these commandments shall I Judge all the Nation and the inhabitant of the Earth even unto perfection those that righteous through faith in the Messiah Immanuel the only true Passover Lamb shall through His righteousness be considered Holy in My sight and those that are not shall be cast out into the outer darkness of the pit and sheol forever.
This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee
from the prophet of the Lord

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