Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto the Nations and to all of mankind that as these now are the last even the days of the Judging of the Nations even all mankind by the Iron rod of My Holy Laws and commandments even by My Mighty right hand into which I have place this Iron rod of My Holy Laws and Commandments to strike all the Nations of the Earth in Judgment with and any who are by ME FOUND GUILTY OF BREAKING THE LEAST OF THEM SHALL THEREBY BE PUNISHED AS REQUIRED BY MY HOLY LAW AND COMMANDMENTS. Thus it is that the rule of My Holy Laws and commandments by Me shall be strictly applied to the whole of mankind. As thus is the Law of mankind in certain Nations class any accused guilty of committing a crime be considered innocent until proven guilty so shall it be when mankind is Judged by Me all shall be considered innocent until proven guilty but think ye not that by this condition of Judgment any who are guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and commandments shall escape if they are guilty of breaking even the least of My Holy Laws and Commandments of which previously I have set forth those that are at the top of the list in as far as My Commandments are concerned. But be it known by all of mankind I Judge not as mankind Judges and all of mankind’s Laws are not My Laws though some claim to have their whole Judicial system based on them. Unlike the application of the lax Judicial systems of mankind I shall strictly apply My Rule of Law and My commandments unto perfection and when I say a person is innocent until proven guilty shall be strictly applied to unto perfections thus it is by Mine own Name I promise that all who are proven innocent shall be acquitted but the guilty shall have descending upon them the full fury of My Wrath and anger and being committed to My Prison forever which is the bottomless pit with no reprieve or parole whatsoever. But first to be condemned in Judgment shall be those who break in the slightest degree those commandments already set before thee and then one other that I shall now set before thee and it is Thou shall not take My Name saith the Lord thy God in vain for I shall not hold any of mankind guiltless who taketh My Name saith the Holy One of Israel in vain the full weight of My wrath and anger shall descend on such as do so. But in as far as My Judging of mankind and the Judging of criminals by the Judicial system of mankind differs is that nothing is hidden from My sight and I can search a person’s heart out unto perfection even all of their thoughts words deeds and desires are an open book as it were unto Me and all that every person in all of their lives have done have thought desired and spoken have been set down in My book of life and when they come before Me that book shall be opened and all that they have done thought desired and spoken shall be declare and revealed unto them before all there assembled and on the basis of their lives on Earth shall My Judgment of them proceed and as said any and all of their sins crimes and transgressions shall be consider and on that basis shall they be Judged guilty or innocent but it is also as in thy courts before Judgment is passed and the verdict is given and the punishment is due if guilty is applied all shall be given a chance to speak on their own behalf and in their own defence. But one thing must be put forth every chance is given to every human being throughout their lives to seek when convicted by Roach Hakodesh/ the holy spirit of sins unrighteousness and crime and of punishment in the breaking thereof in the Judgment to come and the means of escape by the seeking of forgiveness through He alone who can save them from the wrath to come upon all of mankind and when asked who it is that can save them Roach Hakodesh/the holy spirit reveals unto them the true Messiah and the eternal Passover Lamb whose blood sacrificed upon the altar of grace alone that can cleans them of all sin crime and transgression if they believe in Him by faith they in Judgement can be acquitted by Me as Holy and righteous and innocent in My sight. For it is that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin crime and transgression in the breaking of the least of My Holy Laws and commandments

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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