Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God how have they who seek to deceive others have been they themselves been deceived and have been lead in the direction and down a path they wanted not to go by seeking to prove others are not what they claim to be and instead of laying a trap for others they have themselves fallen into a trap set by Me saith the Holy One of Israel who shall reap the reward that is their due first they and then others who seek to do as they have done but I say this the trap they set for others their victims have escaped from but the trap I have set none who fall therein shall escape from but shall come before Me to be Judged but what shall the verdict be and what shall be their punishment even the position they now hold and the wealth they posses shall be torn from their possession and shall in the end go down unto their graves paupers even they who in their arrogance they look down and despised the poor the down trodden and the homeless shall they themselves before death be as they whom they despised. But say I as I so warned the Nation that if they by their miss use of fossil fuels continue to pollute and cause harm to My creation the seas the oceans and the creatures therein and all of the environment even the pollution that now orbits the Earth what I could and would do even the cause main fossil fuel to disappear from beneath the surface of the Earth for example the great caverns beneath the Earth thou calls oil wells these I can easily cause to disappear by causing as I have done deep earth quakes that shall cause the collapse of the oil wells and by the same means create deeper caverns beyond the reach of mankind, but on saying that not many wells need be sunk only those full of oil! For it is that they are many that are almost as thou wouldst say it at the end of their lives ready to run dry for it is that the supply of that fossil fuel as thou calls it by thy excessive use in all of thy modes of transport are causing those wells to run dry sooner than they would have if thou had by good stewardship used it wisely but thy civilization is based on the philosophy live now pay later. But in times past I warned thee of the consequences of thy actions and so shall it come to pass for there is not an infinite supply of oil the supply is finite and rapidly running out especial with thy increased manufacturing of thy modes of transport look to the times of the past ages before oil and that is that which shall be thy destiny if thy pollution and thy excessive use and manufacturing of thy modes of transport continues to cause My creation to suffer as it hath done in the past. But this I do say even if I punished thee not for the destruction caused to My creation by the whole of mankind yet would thy fossil fuel resources soon diminish which would cause Nations to go to war over the remaining diminishing resources and I say this not lightly for Nations in the past have gone to war over much less even over the assignation of a leader or over territorial disputes as hath been recently proven and concider also the recent conflicts caused by petrol and oil shortages at the petrol pumps. Thus as I said the present civilization philosophy is and has been live now pay later thus have the Nation of this civilization lived now and in the past and now comes the time when payment has become due and shall be required by Me in Judgment saith the Lord God of the Whole of creation.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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