Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the only true redeemer of mankind and of the children of Israel My people well said I that the a raging fire storm of conflict is about to consume the whole of the Middle East and so it shall and all efforts to bring peace between the warring Nations shall fail even as they have already failed to bring to an end the conflict in Yemen; caused and carried on by the rebels and the Saudi Arab Coalition in collusion with the Yemeni Government resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians and possibility of the remain populations demise through starvation plague and disease; as also efforts have failed an bringing to an end the war in Syria before that Nation becomes beyond recovery of which it soon will be by becoming an uninhabitable empty barren waste Land and a never ending war zone of which the only means of bring an end to both will be by the Mighty Nations of the Earth forcing both sides apart and creating a barrier betwixt the two; which they will never even try to do; of which is also the only means of causing the war in Yemen to cease and of course also an embargo on the sale of weapons to one Nation and imposition of strict sanctions on the backers of the Yemeni rebels but those will be but temporary measures for the war in Yemen is not Just over the defeat of the rebels but over who controls and profits by Yemeni oil for oil in that region whether or not any Nation will admit it is slowly dwindling and the cause is the unquenchable thirst for oil of the engine that drives this modern civilization and as the oil wells slowly run dry more and more Nations will begin like vultures to fighting over a dead carcass begin to fight over remaining oil resources of the Earth seeking to avoid the inevitable consequences of an end to the oil resources each finding a way and an excuse to invade other Nations that have productive oil wells as one hath done with Yemen by volunteering to aid the Yemeni government to get rid of the rebels in Yemen its ultimate motive as is the Nation that backs the Yemeni rebels control of its oil wells. This war is not about who governs Yemen but who is in control of its oil revenues as it was and still is with another middle Eastern Nations the oil bonanza as thou wouldst call it is coming to an end. This civilization as did the Rome Empire became so dependent upon its slave based culture that it couldn’t exist without it as has this civilization become totally dependent on its oil based culture that to even consider the supplies of oil coming to an end is unthinkable and an anathema to even dare to believe and proclaim it is about to end. The fact is that the present civilization is so dependent on oil to run this civilizations never ending thirsty engine that when it runs out as it will then this civilizations engine will suddenly come to a grinding halt and when that does this civilization will fall and the catastrophic consequences that shall follow will be almost beyond the comprehension of mankind. But the change from fossil fuels taken by the Nations to run this civilization though advancing at a pace is too little too late for the end of the oil resources is just over the horizon and will soon come into view and when that happens then shall ye see and know that the end of this civilization is in sight and soon to fall and great shall be the fall thereof and then shall the full fury of My wrath and anger consume all of the Nations of the Earth especially the Nations of the Middle East and thereafter shall He who is to rule the Nations with a rod of Iron will come to his place thereafter under His rule shall be a time of peace Nation will not fight Nation and the production of weapons of war cease and the strict rule of My Holy Law and Commandments begin.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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