Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation especially the Earth and all that in it is and upon it dwells to the corrupt wicked immoral and criminal governments of the African continent upon thee first of all shall descend My Just Judgment from the Nations of Egypt and Libya in North Africa to the Cap of good hope in the South for the treatment of thy people denying them descent living standards whilst thou doth live in the lap of luxury living off the fat of the land whilst thy people live in poverty on the border of starvation denying them that which is their human right by keeping all the wealth of the Nation unto thyself filling thy coffers to overflowing having bulging bank balances fancy accommodation driving around in chauffer driven cars thus it is I am saith the Lord God of Host against thee to pull thee down unto the depths of the dust of the ground to take away all that thou doth posses and cause thee to suffer as thy people have suffered. But it is also that I am against all of those in the Nations of the African continent that do break and teach the people even to break My Third commandment along with all of the rest of My Commandments but not only those but all of those who follow after and do teach false faiths who do indeed teach for doctrines the commandments of mankind saying that My Blessing is upon their preaching and teaching when the opposite its true and in the end they and their followers in Judgment will find themselves being cast into the bottomless pit wherein is the lake of fire burning with the flames of eternal torment were they go not out forever and from their burning there is no relief whatsoever and that for all eternity. Thus say I as afore said all the faith of mankind are not of Me and are by Me cursed and they who follow them are cursed also. For there is but one true Faith and that is as set down in the whole My Word and upon it lays a curse upon who seek to alter it and teach mankind to do so shall suffer all the plagues and diseases set down therein especially leprosy. But it is that upon the Governments and upon the people of these Nations shall descend My furious wrath and anger for their treatment and the neglect of their children who are most precious in My Sight upon all of those who mistreat and neglect their children I shall cause to descend upon all of them plague and disease and famine and disaster one after another, but the children of these Nation shall I take unto My bosom and shall overshadow and protect them from all alarm and harm and at last receive them into My Kingdom. Thus say I not one Nation shall escape being Judged and if found unworthy shall suffer those plagues that descended upon the Egyptians of Mosher/Moses day. For I do say these words that there is in all of the continent of Africa enough resources and wealth to meet the needs of all of the people therein ten times over and much more and but for the greed of the evil governments of those Nations not one person man woman and child would now be suffering the depravation and the poverty and the starvation they are now suffering from and thus because of the greed of evil immoral wicked governments shall My Swift terrible Sword of Judgment descend and strike down all down unto the dust of the ground even unto the grave in wrath and anger and raise up the innocent from the depths of poverty and starvation unto a standard of living denied them by their Governments. For the sins transgressions and crimes of the Governments and the wicked disobedient immoral people of the African Nations who prey on the weak, innocent and down trodden there shall in Judgment be no mercy offered or given.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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