Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee that the EU central government has towards Britain shown the contempt it has for this Nations as it has shown recently in past by its treatment of the Former Prime Minister and in recent Eurovision contests of which voting seemed to be politically motivated with a bias and a contempt of and towards the UK’s entry biased towards the United Kingdom voting up the main member states entries and down the United Kingdom’s which should have resulted in the United Kingdom no longer taking part and protesting against the voting system in place that isolates states that the majority are bias towards. But not only in the latest contests but in previous ones before the UK voted to leave the EU and is now shown in the latest round of negotiations by seek to have equal rights as the UK in the termination of the backstop that is to be agreed on meaning it will have to right to veto the termination of the backstop if it feels that the in as far as the Irish border question is concerned there is still no progress has been made in its eyes of which there never will which in effect means that the EU has virtual control of the backstop termination and is an unlimited backstop agreement of which the UK alone should be in control of. The UK is leaving the EU not the EU terminating the UK’s membership or the EU leaving the UK in all of these Negotiations as over the past fifty years it has had and still has a arrogant attitude towards the UK since joining and I could say as thou wouldst put it for the majority of the UK’s membership Britain by the EU has been taken to the cleaners the EU has which is revealed in the EU governments seeking to keep no matter what the UK in the EU which will not only leave a black hole in the EU’s budget but the EU poorer after the UK leaves the EU. but on saying that the EU governments seems to have an over inflated ego as to its own importance on the Worlds stage and if the UK had left the EU at the nineteen seventies referendum it would not be where it is now the UK has been of more benefit and an asset to the EU than the EU has been to the UK and in as far as the membership is concerned each of the member state would have been willing to give the UK a beneficial deal if it hadn’t been for the EU’s Government dictatorial attitude towards its member states forcing them to tow the EU political line on the EU’s four freedoms in the negotiations the EU has turned to certain extent into a dictatorship threatening its member states if they don’t adhere in the Negotiations to the EU’s central governments political agenda that when there arises major political decision to be made they will have little or no say and severe penalties will be applied if any member state steps out of line in as far as the negotiations are concerned. The willingness of some member state to compromise with UK on trade issues showing a willingness to continue trading with the UK after Britain leaves was shown when the British Prime Minister visited many of the member states but when the crucial question was put to them they backed off seeming as though they were will to agree a trade deal with the UK but they feared the penalties that would be imposed by the EU central government if they stepped out of line of being united towards the UK in seeking to virtually force the UK into staying in the EU revealed in all of the tactics and the political heavy weights and companies it has used to try and scaremonger Britain into stay within the EU which in the end shall result in having the opposite effect. The EU is supposed to be an open free trading Union with the abilities of member states to trade with whom they pleased to trade with which was the principles on which the EU was first founded and endeavoured to continue as long as it existed as a Union of free trading member states of which now it is no longer and in fact the principles now enacted by the EU are total opposite to its founding principles in that all member states no longer have those freedoms but are restricted by the imposition of the central Governments four freedoms which in effect are freedoms in name only giving member states no freedom whatsoever to trade with whom they wish to trade confined to the restrictions placed upon them by the EU central government which in effect as said it has already turned into a dictatorship only dictatorships restrict the freedoms of its people or in the case of the EU the freedoms of it member states.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the LORD

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