Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

The Lord God, redeemer and saviour saith unto thee even at this time as I afore said concerning the whole of the African continent so shall I do even execute Judgment from the borders of Gaza and Israel to the river of Egypt from the river of Egypt to the mouth of the Mediterranean sea from the source of the Nile to its out pouring into the Mediterranean and even all of the Sinai peninsula wherein I shall awaken therein the mountains of fire and destruction even the destruction of surrounding area in the Sinai even unto the Nations that dwell therein for their wickedness corruption immorality and disobedience of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and even by all of the inhabitants of the Nations and Governments of North Africa. Not one Nation that exist in that region shall escape My Just Judgment and the execution of My Wrath and anger by whirlwind and fire by hurricane and great storms of plague pestilence famine drought and disease not seen since Moshe/Moses confronted the Pharaoh of Egypt to let My People go. But it is that the full fury of My Wrath and anger shall strike those Nations that rained down death and destruction on innocent and defenceless men women and children for these there shall be no escape. But also My Just Judgment shall also befall My People Israel because of their breaking of My Holy Covenant and their disobedience to My Command to rid the whole of Israel of all that in it of the Nations of the Earth that pollutes the Land of Promise I gave unto Abraham and his descendants forever for as I said many times before Judgment starts at My House with My People that are supposed through their obedience to My Holy Laws and commandments in the keeping of Covenant made through My servant and friend Mosher/ Moses to be a witness to the Glory of My Holy Name. How say I can I dwell once more amongst My People when their hearts are far from Me and there is no House wherein once more My Holy Name can reside how can the ark of My Covenant with My people return when there is no sanctuary for it to rest therein it is all very well for thee to plead for Me to return it unto thee when the hearts of My People are far from Me the covenant broken and My Holy Laws and Commandments disobeyed but ye say we obey them but say I not from thy hearts by Faith in the promised Messiah doth thou obey them ye obey them even as the priest and Talmidim of old obeyed them white washed sepulchres were they righteous on the outside before mankind but inwardly full of dead men’s bones even all full of hypocrisy. Thus say I return unto Me My People and I shall return unto thee built a house for my Name and a sanctuary for the ark of the covenant to rest therein and I shall return it unto thee from where it now rests but also I say unto thee none are to touch it by so much as a finger lest they perish only those set apart sanctified in heart mind and will by faith shall even be allowed to come near unto it as it was in times gone by so shall it be now as I chose them of old to care for and protect the House My Name and the ark of My Covenant so shall it be even at this time and before thence all must be done even as is set down in My Word Law and Commandments unto perfection. Thus as said so shall My wrath and anger descend upon the whole of the Nations and governments of North Africa and shall not cease unto all is completed as I have so ordained it to come to pass for that region.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord God

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