Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith Adonai Elohim even the only true living God and creator of the Universe and all that in it exist for without Me saith the Holy One of Israel nothing could exist that doth exist even all of mankind and the creatures of the Earth for in Me all do live and Move and have their being and it is that all hath been created according to My will and purposes as was planned and set down in eternity before the creation of the Universe and all that in it doth now exist exists to the Glory of My Holy Name. As afore said indeed Judgement shall begin at My House and upon My own people even Israel and as so said so hath it began and shall continue until all hath been fulfilled unto perfection according to My Will along with the Judgment of all the Nations of the Earth of which none no not one shall escape My Just Judgment. But many say how long will these days of troubles last and when shall they come to an end and My reply is as said before it shall not end unto all that hath been set down and revealed in My Word and as prophesied by the prophets to come upon the Earth hath been fulfilled, even at this time and in these last days all has to be fulfilled before the end comes the only limit on the time thereof is as said unless these days of troubles be shortened no flesh shall be save from My wrath to come upon all of mankind and the Nations of the Earth, but for My Peoples sake even all of those who belong unto Me through Faith in the only true Messiah shall these days be shortened consider well in My Word how long My day is compared to the days and years of mankind. Of a certainty My Just Judgment shall continue to descend in wrath and anger upon all of the Nations of South America until all have been Judged even according to and by My Holy Laws and Commandments and have been punished thereby and as said shall not end until all the Nations in South America hath been Judged and if found wicked immoral unrighteous and corrupt shall be punished according as set down in My Word and as South America is Judged so shall all Nations of the Earth be Judged for I Judge saith the Lord God not as mankind Judges but with Just Judgement do I Judge and shall Judge according to My Holy Laws and commandments as is set down in My Word in righteousness purity holiness and truth, divine truth plain and simple yet simply profound for the truth of mankind has an end but for My truth there are no limits no end it is infinite truth that can search out the hearts of mankind unto perfection as darkness hides so do lies and as light reveal so does truth but My truth reveals all the hidden things of the darkness of this World unto perfection even all the desires of the hearts and thoughts of mankind from My Truth Nothing is and can remain hidden no not one iota can remain hidden from My sight and thus as I see so do I and shall I Judge all of mankind and the Nations of the Earth. But it is that the mighty Nation that is set to fall soon shall it fall and one of the main causes of its fall shall be its Government and its leader for this mighty Nation is like unto a bull unaware that it is being lead from the field where it grazed to the slaughter house and not the barn and its comfortable stall. Even that Mighty Nation shall fall down unto destruction and the bottomless pit and great shall be the fall thereof and great shall be also the mourning of the Nations of the Earth which benefited from trading with it and benefited from its great riches and wealth and from the protection it gave to Nations weaker than itself.

This is the Word f the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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