Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee at this time as I have said and warned thee of have I done and am doing all that is set down in My Word and all that I have warned thee of that at this time shall befall the whole of mankind especially in as far as America North and South are concerned and so shall My Wrath and anger continue to descend upon the Whole of the American Nations both North and south until all that I have ordained to befall all the Nations of the Americas even the full fury of My Wrath and anger because of the corruption that exists in all of the Nations Governments of the Americas but not only corruption but as afore said of Great wickedness immorality and the breaking of and disobedience to all of My Most Holy Laws and commandments of which I commanded not only Israel My people to obey but even all of Mankind upon pain of death not only the first death from which none escape and all must face but the second death in Judgment wherein all of those who in this life on Earth have hearts as hard as granite and ears deafened to all of My Words of warning and the blindness of eyes that see not nor know not nor wish to see or know that which is in store for all the fallen of mankind even those who deliberately disobey My Most Holy Law of all the generations of mankind this generation has the hardest heart of all who live their life as short as it is without due consideration of the consequence of their sins transgressions and crimes in the breaking of My Most Holy Law and Commandments until it is too late and of having to face death and then Judgment and their final journey into the bottomless pit for unto these I say once thy journey upon Earth has ended then if thou has not repented and turn unto Me through Faith in the Messiah and His blood to cleanse from all sins transgressions and crimes, even the blood of the Eternal Passover Lamb even the only true promised Messiah IMMANUEL as I said without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness or remission for sin transgression or the crimes of unbelief and disobedience to all of My Holy Law thus then for thee even all who are unrepentant there is but one verdict in Judgment can be given and only one sentence applied and one destination for the guilty to reach and that is that which is set down in My Word and in all of the warnings given unto this generation and civilization and that is eternal death and as I saith the Lord God of the Hosts of Heaven am the source of all life happiness peace and joy that means as thou being guilty of rebelling against the Most High God whom I AM THAT I AM who at this time hath put before thee the warnings of that which shall befall all who are disobedient to all of My Most Holy Law and commandments even being cut off from Me forever for in My Kingdom and upon the Earth shall come a time when all shall do My Will Willingly upon the Earth as it is done in My Kingdom of Heaven. Thus in effect all the disobedient of mankind after death if they remain so shall barred from entering in to My Kingdom and be banish to the depths of sheol/hell as thou doth call it forever. But as concerning the full fury of My Wrath and anger which is now descending upon the Governments of the Nations of North and south America unto them I say unless repentance is forth coming and those Nations Governments turn from all of their corruption and great wickedness immorality disobedience to all of My Most Holy Commandments and meet the needs of ALL OF THE NEEDY of their Nations then from this time forth My wrath and anger to descend upon them shall increase tenfold and shall not cease until either the Governments and the Nations turn unto Me or they perish under the full weight of My Wrath and anger that shall of a certainty befall those government and all of the disobedient and rebellious people of their Nation it shall not halt or be diminished one iota once begun until all is full filled according that which is set down in all of My Word and in the condemnation declared in all of My Law and commandments as concerning the breaking and disobedience thereof. But ye of the Nations of Europe for all of thy sins and transgressions and crimes in the breaking of My Holy Law all as afore said shall be applied unto thee and not one of the Nations governments and their people shall escape the full fury of My wrath and anger be in no doubt all as is set down in My Word and in the warnings sent forth shall be perfectly fulfilled.

This is the Word of the Lord unto thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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