Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Hosts of the Heaven of Heavens as concerning the draft agreement and the Government leaders arrogant attitude evidenced in the their cabinet meeting and in the way the draft agreement was put before and proposed to Parliament in the commons in that the Government Leaders way is the right way and the only way for the UK to Leave the EU; it is not; which will end up in not only the Leader of the Government being forced to step down but will head the UK in as far as Brexit is concerned in one direction and that is a no deal Brexit scenario the backstop being the MAIN CAUSE THEREOF saith the Lord God of the whole of creation there is only but one way for the Brexit Negotiations to end if the Brexit draft agreement is not altered and the backstop limited or abandoned altogether for the conditions of the backstop as negotiated doesn’t give the UK any control of its length and the means of terminating it nor is it time limited thus therefore the present Leader of the government of the UK is following in the footsteps one other Leader of the UK and that all because of their arrogant attitude in stating that their way was the right way and the only way everyone else’s way was the wrong way and was forced to resign of which now is epitomised in the present leaders attitude towards Brexit especial in as far as the present draft agreement made with the EU. But not only is the backstop the main sticking point there is as well the matter of the UK having a bespoke Customs union arrangement with the EU effectively undermining the Unity of the UK,s four Nations favouring one and leaving others out because of resolving the Irish Spanish and Greek borders with the UK which also is involved in the backstop agreement. If the draft agreement is accepted as is, Britain will not only loose Northern Ireland but Gibraltar and the Greek territories. Britain has always wonder at the secrecy of the Brexit negotiations and why the government was keeping it close to its chest and now the Country Knows why that the Government and its leader feared it would get the response it has. Far from being in the UK,s National interest this draft agreement only benifits big business and the EU and it is in their intrest along that this agreement is signed sealed and delivered by the UK Government and parliament there are now the only two options either for the UK to go in the direction it is now going to its ultimate destination a no Deal Brexit or seek the futility of renegotiating a fresh Brexit deal with the EU or seeking a none referendum peoples vote what did Churchill do when confronted with a similar dilemma he got out of his car walked amongst the people and took the underground to Westminster on which he on being recognised ask the people on that underground train what was their attitude towards the war and the Nazis regime should he instigate war of seek peace and one and all said fight to the very last man woman and child against this evil tyrannical dictator. Thus as said many a time as a divided Nation cannot stand but must inevitably fall so also with a divided government especialy if the cause of that division is its Leader which is evidenced by the resignations of some of ithe main cabinet ministers of this Government.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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