Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and redeemer unto thee at this time Oh the ties that bind and have bound this Nation to the EU these past decades of which now this Nation seeks to be free of and to be a free trading prosperous Nation on the Worlds stage which has negotiated an agreement that is supposed to free the UK from the shackles of the EU but is in effect an agreement that binds it closer to the EU than it was before without the benefits it had when a full member of the EU even though attempts were being made to marginalise the UK,s influence in the running of the EU. This agreement is the deceitful means whereby the EU seeks to bind the UK to the EU permanently by an agreement that is in effect cruel ties from which there will be; according to the text of the agreement, no means of escape, unless sufficient agreed reasons can be given and that legally so, to be free of the ties of this agreement on which all parties must accept legally that the terms of the said agreement can be terminated and if no agreement can be made it must to go to arbitration by an independent body that will decide if at all that the UK can terminate the agreement made if these be not chties that bind what are? Yes in the agreement there are certain benefits and gains in the agreement given to the UK by the EU but then it comes into the realm of rights what right has the EU to dictate to or agree on that UK can have and cannot have is not the UK a sovereign Nation in its own right being able to decide in and of itself what rights it has and doesn’t have is and can the UK really be subject to the dictates of the EU by its insistence on an agreement that benefits only is own Nation states and none of the UK’s Nations for that is what the EU is doing dictating to the UK what it can have and cannot have if it wants to be free from the EU and have a free trade agreement that it has thus far avoided making a commitment to in signing a legally binding document stating that a free trade agreement WILL be made with the UK before the final Negotiated overall agreement signing process is completed. The only back stop agreement should be the one as set down by the UK having a specific time limit and that if the EU cannot agree to a time limit then the agreement to put it crudely dumped anyone who signs up to an agreement such as the one proposed by the EU in the second part that being the backstop and the two year extension must be either blind to the implications or as weak willed and as soft as the EU thinks the British are.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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