Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation as I have warned so have I done and so shall continue to execute Just Judgement upon the whole of the Nations of the Earth and as I have begun to execute Just Judgement upon the whole of the Americas so shall it continue until all the Nations therein have been Judged and punished according to My Holy Word Law and Commandments especial upon a Mighty Nation that is not a Nation in and of itself but is made up of many parts governed by a Ruler yet only in part and is subject to the oversight of two Houses as is the Prime Minister of the Government of the United Kingdom the House of Lords and the House of Commons and well should these two leaders of these two mighty Nations in their arrogance remember that they should have made every effort to consult on a regular bases the membership of both Houses of which they in the recent past have failed to do and thus it is if these should continue to ignore the elected members of both Houses as they have done in the past that they are in and of themselves heading for a fall and a fall that will bring great shame and humiliation to both Leaders one Leader who when elected thought that, that one could rule the Nation without opposition in other Words like unto a King or a Prince of royal heritage or even a Dictator whose arrogance was displayed when first coming in to office who after being sworn in began to realise in all things that he was Just a figure head having but limited power which could be quite literal over ruled at almost any time by both houses when they thought that one was exceeding their mandate to govern that mighty Nation. Then there is the other leader who put themselves up for an office no one in their party wanted at the time and started to meet the duties in office in the right way started a process voted on by their Nation to free their Nation from the shackles of a restrictive almost dictatorial Union so that their Nation could become a free independent trading Nation on the Worlds stage regaining its independence and sovereignty and that all with the good intentions of getting it right for the benefit of their Nation but as thy sayings go the way to the bottomless pit/hell are paved with good intentions, of which started to go wrong when the one negotiating to leave that restrictive and Union of Nations and its overbearing almost dictatorial government began to believe that the only way to leave that Union of Nations was their way and their way alone and in their arrogance this they still think and believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong to question the resultant deal of those Negotiations a process of negotiation so conducted without due consultation with the various parties of Parliament nor a divulgence of any information as to the substance or the progress of the Negotiations though said none sought to hold them to account for the manner in which they were negotiating a supposed beneficial deal for the leaving of that Union but what must be pointed out that the Government of that Union of Nations fully consulted its membership at every stage so the fault for the deal negotiated not only lies at the door of the Leader of the Government but at the door of Parliament itself for not demanding the right of parliament on behalf of the people to be fully informed and consulted on every part of the Negotiations which if all had been consulted at every stage nothing hidden the situation that hath now arisen would not exist. But as said afore and so shall I say again this deal of which the EU claims is the only possible deal on offer which it is not the only deal that could have been negotiated to the benefit of both sides and have lead to a smooth withdrawal of which the EU didn’t want because its main aim at any cost was keeping the UK in the EU without having any say or control or advantage in the running of the EU many for the UK has been a thorn in the side as a full member over the past decades but still tolerated because of the massive contributions the UK has made in trade and monetary contributions. Thus it hath been said this deal is the worst of all worlds for the UK but I say saith the Lord God of the Hosts of Heaven even My Kingdom as hath been said it IS the worst of all Worlds for the UK but the best of all Worlds for the EU alone. But as afore said the EU is beneath the surface coming apart at the seams and soon indeed will fall and each and every member state will go their own way the main cause is the EU’s stagnant restrictive unalterable archaic system of Government that denies it member states the true movement of their goods and people to one economic trading area and not the freedom of the Whole World to trade in with other World Nations as they please and as the UK intends to do having been confined to the same trading area as the rest of the EU member states unable to prosper to the extent of the UK’s true potential by becoming a global trading Nation.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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