Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and redeemer of mankind unto thee of the Nations of the Earth the Nations thus far I have Judged and found guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and commandments have I punished even for their great wickedness immorality corruption and the lack therefore of meet not only the needy of their own Lands and Nations but as concerning the Lack thereof of meeting the needs of the needy of many lands and Nations of which the most wealthy Nations had and do have the resources to meet the needs of many needy people especially the most vulnerable even the elderly, the young and children which are most at risk as past events have revealed in the warmongering of many Nations not in fighting others Nations but in the devastation of the own countries civil wars as so said so shall I say again wars of all kind must cease from off the face of the Earth or those involved in such conflicts will have to answer to Me saith the Lord God of all of the Earth and mankind even the only true redeemed and will suffer the fullness of My wrath and anger descending upon them. But also I remind thee of the warnings sent forth over Yemen and the Rohingya refugee camps and the plagues and diseases that shall of a certainty arise therein if nothing is done to solve both crises for it is that the Rohingya camps if plagues and diseases are not prevent epidemics will spread not only through the camps and Yemen but many of the surrounding Nations will suffer and the possibility also of thus creating a pandemic scenario which will result in a third of the World population being affected and the definite possibility of the majority perishing for once the plagues and diseases reach a certain stage in as far as affect the Nations of each region then they can get out of control and once out of control turn into a Worldwide disaster of epic proportions. Thus I repeat if mankind refrains from taking action then of a certainty there will develop a Worldwide pandemic affecting all the Nations of the Earth. Thus also I say unto the UK that now I saith the Lord God hath set the course of Brexit and it cannot and will not be altered by any one whatsoever which even according to My Holy Will and purposes for this Nation now it is because of the present situation in the Government and in Parliament even the divisions thereof that exist in all parties and in the whole of the country Nation against Nation to the extent of dividing the whole of the Nation that of a surety if allowed to continue will see the end of the UK remaining a United Kingdom and thus it is now ye will not get the Brexit ye want but the Brexit ye deserve as said there is only one path now for Brexit and it is My path My way and according to My Holy Will and purposes and thus I say this if the division within the UK escalate so will also the divisions in the EU and then it shall not be one union that falls but two.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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